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Here’s a Closer Look at Upcoming Dead by Daylight Survivor Jane Romero and New...

It's only a matter of time before we get to play the newest chapter coming for Dead by Daylight.

Are Videogames Good For Your Kids?

Like all good things in life, videogames are best enjoyed in moderation.

Here’s a Closer Look at Dead by Daylight’s Upcoming Killer, The Plague

Almost all of the juicy details have been revealed about Dead by Daylight's newest killer, The Plague.

This Week, We ‘Ave Mostly Been Playing… #35

Here are the games that are making us happy to this week.
Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 is Devilishly Fun

We've been hacking and slashing our way through Devil May Cry 5. Here are our early impressions of this heavy metal slaughterfest.

Monster Prom’s New DLC Second Term Adds More Beaus and More Blows

As if getting a date to the prom wasn’t hard enough now there’s more options, more hotties and more drama.

Esports Millionaires: The Highest-Paid Professional Gamers Today

Let's look at those who have made the most money from gaming - a hobby for millions, but a way to make a luxurious living for some.

Live Through Your Own Fantasy Adventure in The Ballad Singer

Starting a round of The Ballad Singer is just like opening up a brand new book.

Forgiveness is an Escape Room Enthusiast’s Dream

Forgiveness is a taxing puzzler which will bring escape room enthusiasts joy.

Daggerhood is For You Platforming Masochists Out There

For under a fiver, if you’re a fan of Celeste’s gameplay, there are very few reasons not to try Daggerhood.

The First Two Hours of A Plague Tale: Innocence Promise Something Incredibly Special

I've just played through the first three chapters of Asobo Studio's upcoming A Plague Tale: Innocence and I've been absolutely blown away.
Trials Rising 2

This Week, We ‘Ave Mostly Been Playing… #34

Here's a nice rundown of the games we've been cracking on with this week.

Out Now on Switch, Shred! 2 is a Mountainbiking Alternative to Trials

While the brand new Trials Rising may dominate the high-octane biking game scene, it isn't the only one available.

Snakebird Primer is an Adorable Puzzle Game

A mix between a snake and a bird? Hissssquack!

JUMPGRID is a Rage-Inducing but Fantastic Dodge-Em-Up

Sometimes creating something simplistic is the perfect thing to do.

Pokémon Sword and Shield Doesn’t Seem Like Quite the Evolution it Could Have Been

The newly-unveiled eighth generation of Pokémon doesn't quite switch up the formula as much as I'd hoped.

Strikey Sisters is a Clever Twist on Breakout – But it’s Fiendish as Heck

If you're up for a challenge, though, Srtrikey Sisters is worth taking a punt on, especially if you've ever enjoyed a Breakout clone.

Combat-free RPG Eastshade Sure is Beautiful

Eastshade is a visually impressive first person adventure game about art and exploration.

Gaming Peripherals That Need to Make a Comeback

Dance mats? Bongos? Guitar Hero guitars? Here are the video game console peripherals that we desperately need back in our lives.

Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt Adds a Tonne of Content to a Fun City Building...

Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt is a pleasant looking game with fairly simple systems that allow even novices to the genre to jump in and play.

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