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Apico 2

Sim Fans Might Find Apico to Be the Bee’s Knees

Become a laid-back beekeeper in Apico, a unique sim game all about breeding, collecting and conserving bees.
Let's Build a Zoo Xbox

Let’s Build a Zoo Brings its Gene-Splicing Antics to Console

Want to (mis) manage your own zoo? Let's Build a Zoo is every bit as much a delight on consoles as it is on PC.

Tunic is Better Than Ever on PS5

A new combat difficulty option combined with razor-sharp visuals and DualSense support make Tunic on PS5 a must-play.
Video Game Fables

Video Game Fables is a Fantasy RPG in a World Put on Pause

Video Game Fables blends cutesy pixel-RPG antics and turn-based battles with worrying existential quandaries.
Gotham Knights review 1

Games to Watch Out For This October

October's games release schedule might not be as jam-packed as it usually is, but there's still a fair share of games to be excited for.
Life is Strange Arcadia Bay Collection

Life is Strange: Arcadia Bay Collection on Switch is a Great Way to Play

Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm are now on Switch via the Arcadia Bay Collection - and it's a great way to play.
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Hey Dreamlight Valley Residents: Stop Sleeping!

With a real-time day/night cycle, sometimes your Disney Dreamlight Valley residents are sleeping when you need them. And it's rather annoying.
Hokko Life

Hokko Life is Made For Animal Crossing Fans

Hokko Life, a new life sim, is now available on consoles and PC, and fans of Animal Crossing will be wise to check it out.
Generated Pokemon

This Text-to-Pokémon Generator is Just Too Much Fun

There's a Pokémon generator which takes text input and turns it into one of Nintendo's pocket monsters. It's an awful lot of fun, too.
Serial Cleaners

Serial Cleaners is One For Stealth Fans (and Neat Freaks)

Out now, Serial Cleaners tasks you with cleaning up grizzly crime scenes while attempting to avoid the law.
Diablo II Terror Zone

Terror Zones are a Nice Addition to the Diablo 2 End Game Experience

The latest patch to Diablo II: Resurrected adds in a new End Game experience called Terror Zones, offering a better way to level up.
Session Skate Sim

Session: Skate Sim Isn’t For The Masses

If you're a serious skateboarder, then Session: Skateboard Sim is for you. For everyone else, however, it's going to be a hard slog.
Wylde Flowers

Wylde Flowers is a Wonderful Farming Sim With a Witchy Twist

Combining life/farming sim staples with a spellcasting, witchy twist, there's a lot to love about Wylde Flowers, out now on Steam and PC.
Marvels Spider-Man First Person Mod

This Spider-Man First-Person Mod is Brilliant and Disorienting

This first-person Spider-Man mod lets you swing around New York City. It's very impressive but potentially a little off-putting.

DualSense Support Transforms Biomutant, Now on PS5

Biomutant is now available natively on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, but it's the DualSense implementation on PS5 that sets it apart.
Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary

Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary Breathes New Life into a Classic Puzzler

Whether or not you've previously played Q.U.B.E., its brand new 10th anniversary release deserves your attention.

Early Access ORX is a Must-Play for Strategy Fans

Fighting against orcs in a video game is nothing new. But ORX, a fast-paced card-based tower defence game, tries to mix things up a bit.
Lovecraft's Untold Stories 2 impressions 1 (1)

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 is an Improved but Uncompromising Sequel

With a snazzy new art style and features including crafting, Lovecraft's Untold Stories 2 improves on the original game.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Mickey

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Mickey Mouse Just Wants to Eat Your Soul

One Disney Dreamlight Valley player's encounter with Mickey Mouse turned out to be unexpectedly harrowing.

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