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10 Things We Want in Diablo 4

Looking forward to the inevitable announcement of Diablo 4? We are. But here are the things we want from the title to make us truly happy.

Our 10 Favourite Yakuza 0 Side Activities

You may have Yakuza skulls to be cracking, but that doesn't mean you can't let your hair down once in a while.
Splinter Cell Conviction 2

7 Games to Play After Watching Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Just seen Mission: Impossible - Fallout and want to play something that delivers the same mix of espionage and action? Try these games out.

Six of the Best Football Games on PS4

Oh sorry… did you think that was football was finished now the world cup is over?
shadow warrior review

The 10 Goriest Games on PS4

Love plenty of blood and guts in your PS4 games? Here are the goriest games available on PS4. Just make sure you've got the disposition for them.

Our 10 Favourite Resident Evil Moments

From The Spencer Mansion to Dulvey, Louisiana, we are obsessed with Capcom’s survival horror series. Here are 10 of the best moments from Resident Evil.

Five Best Dating Sim Games on PC

Video games let us live the highs and lows of dating without any of the stress. Here are five of the best dating sim games available now on PC.

Five Games Like Minecraft on PC

Want more mining and crafting action? Here are five games like Minecraft on PC that deserve your time and attention.
God of War

The 14 Best Games of 2018 So Far

It's half way through the year – that means it's time to reflect on what the best games of 2018 so far have been.

Top 10 Funniest Video Game Cheats

A rundown of the craziest codes, the most uproarious unlockables, the most comical console commands and the most downright chucklesome video game cheats.
Rise of the Tomb Raider 1

The 20 Best Games on Xbox Game Pass

Thinking of joining or already a member of Xbox Game Pass? Wondering which games you should play first? These are the ones which we think are the best.

Five Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

Who’s to say video games can't be productive? Here are five ways you can make money playing video games.
Castlevania symphony of the night

The 10 Best Metroidvania Games on Xbox One

Sometimes there's nothing better than getting stuck into a good Metroidvania game. Here are the best ones available on Xbox One.

The Seven Coolest Rare World of Warcraft Mounts and Where to Find Them

If you're wanting to get your hands on some of the rarest and best-looking World of Warcraft mounts, we've got you covered with the seven in this list.

5 Best Hidden Object Games on PS4

Are you a fan of old-fashioned hidden object adventure games? Look no further - we've picked out five of the best hidden object games on PS4.
No Man's Sky 2

Games to Watch Out For This July

Wondering what games you've got to look forward to playing this July? We've got you covered.

The 20 Xbox One Games With The Most Achievements

If you're an Xbox One gamer looking to boost your gamerscore, you'll want to pick up these games, each offering way over the usual 1,000 achievement points!
Splatoon 2 1

Five Switch Games That Deserve Nintendo Labo Support

Now Mario Kart 8 can be played with a Labo-crafted controller, it got us thinking: what other Switch games would we like to see with Labo support?

The Best Dinosaur Games You Can Play Right Now

Love dinosaurs just as much as you do video games? These are the games that you can play right now to scratch that prehistoric itch.

Seven Games That Were Notably Absent From E3 2018

Plenty of E3 announcements excited and enthralled us, but what about the ones that left us wanting?

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