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GameSpew isn’t just about games! Welcome to GeekSpew, our brand new home of everything a little bit geeky. Here you’ll find content on movies, your favourite television shows, comics, LEGO, and anything else non-game related that we think you’ll enjoy.

Up Your Rubik’s Cube Game With The App-Connected Giiker Super Cube

The Giiker Super Cube brings the Rubik's Cube into the modern age with app functionality, allowing for more engagement than simply solving the cube.
LEGO Friends

New LEGO Friends Set Lets You Own Central Perk

If you like LEGO and Friends, you're going to love this LEGO recreation of Central Perk. It's available to pre-order now, and launches 1st October.

9 of the Best, Most Creative SCP Entries

The SCP Wiki isn't just about scary monsters. Here are 9 of the site's more creative entries.

10 Things We Want to See From the Witcher Netflix Series

From characters, to themes, to a game of Gwent: here are the 10 things we hope to see in Netflix's upcoming Witcher series.

LEGO 76119 Batmobile Pursuit of The Joker Review

Retailing for just £24.99, LEGO 76119 Batmobile Pursuit of The Joker is a must-buy for fans of the caped-crasader, regardless of age.

LEGO City 60225: Rover Testing Drive Review

The newest wave of LEGO City is taking things back to space in a big way. One of the smaller of the new LEGO City...
Lego 75934 1

LEGO 75934 Dilophosaurus on the Loose Review

If you're after a new LEGO Jurassic World set to build, 75934 Dilophosaurus on the Loose is cheap yet also pretty impressive.

Six Reasons to Go See Detective Pikachu

In case you're apprehensive about seeing Detective Pikachu in the cinema, we've put together a short list of reasons why we think you should go.

Seven Ways Star Wars Canon Could Explain How Palpatine is in Rise of the Skywalker

Palpatine’s laugh at the of the trailer for Rise of Skywalker was a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

10 (Spoiler-Filled) Questions We Have After Watching Avengers: Endgame

While it’s tied up a lot of plot strands from the various Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Endgame also left us with several unanswered questions.

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Has a Trailer, And It’s Horrendous

"Horrendous" isn't even the right word for what I've just witnessed in those two minutes and forty six seconds of Sonic The Hedgehog trailer hellfire.

Star Wars: Queen’s Shadow by E. K. Johnstone Shows How Democracy Started for Padmé

"Politics is an ancient and noble calling. Without politicians our societies would descend into anarchy and chaos.”

Here’s Everything New on Netflix For 1st April 2019

It’s always a dizzying list of movies, TV, and comedy specials to fit all ages and tastes in entertainment.

Edward Brody’s Eden’s Gate: The Reborn is Ready Player One meets the RPG Genre

Eden’s Gate, the debut novel by Edward Brody, is a LitRPG that is impossible to put down.
LEGO Star Wars Y-Wing

The 10 Best LEGO Star Wars Sets You Can Buy Right Now

Love LEGO and Star Wars? You do? Well, you're going to absolutely adore these LEGO Star Wars sets that you can buy right now.

Chris Hemsworth to Play Hulk Hogan in Netflix Biopic

Hemsworth has signed up to play Hulk Hogan in a biopic directed by Todd Phillips, the guy behind The Hangover.

7 Reasons to Watch The Umbrella Academy on Netflix

Should you need a little more convincing, here’s a list of seven reasons to watch The Umbrella Academy on Netflix.

10 Doctor Who Characters Who Deserve Their Own TV Shows

There are several Doctor Who characters who surely deserve their own TV specials or even their own TV shows. Here’s our pick.

David Fincher’s Animated Netflix Series ‘Love, Death and Robots’ is an Assault on the Senses

"WTF" will likely be your reaction to this first teaser trailer for Netflix’s adults-only animated anthology series Love, Death & Robots.

The Best Action Films on Netflix UK

The very best action films combine immersive, spectacular scenes with compelling writing and direction. Here are the best available on Netflix UK.

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