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GameSpew isn’t just about games! Welcome to GeekSpew, our brand new home of everything a little bit geeky. Here you’ll find content on movies, your favourite television shows, comics, LEGO, and anything else non-game related that we think you’ll enjoy.

Bloodborne #4: Titan Comics Closes The First Chapter

The conclusion of The Death of Sleep is an intriguing end to a well-orchestrated spin on the Bloodborne universe.

The 10 Biggest LEGO Sets Ever Made

LEGO is no longer just for kids. Want proof? Here are the 10 biggest LEGO sets that are for experts only, and they'll put quite a dent in your bank balance.

Six Superb Free Short Horror Films You Need to See

In the mood for a good scare but don't have the time to sit down to watch a full-length movie? We've got you covered in this six spine-tingling horror shorts.

The 10 Best David Tennant Episodes of Doctor Who

Oh David, my Doctor. Here are what we consider to be the best episodes in his illustrious three-season journey.

See Lots of Familiar Faces in the Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension Comic

Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension is a great addition to any comic lover's collection and a definite must-read for Doctor Who fans.

Titan Comics’ The Peeress and The Price Gives Us More Dishonored, But at a Price

The Peeress and the Price is another opportunity to see Dishonored's Emily in action, even if you’re not in the driving seat, but the story’s promising premise is squandered.
Bloodborne Comic Header

Titan Comics’ First Bloodborne Issue is For the Hunters

The first issue of Titan Comics' Bloodborne series caters to fans with a unique approach to the story.

5 Movies That Should Have Been Nominated for Best Picture

The 90th (yes, 90th!) Academy Awards Nominations were announced last week — and just like every year, there were the sure things, the surprises and of course, the snubs.

The 5 Best Anime Series to Get You Started

If you're a newcomer to the world of anime, it can be hard to know where to begin. Here are five of the best series to get you started on your journey of anime discovery.

10 Upcoming 2018 Movies To Look Forward To (That Aren’t in the MCU or Star Wars)

Marvel and Star Wars may seem to dominate the box office lately, but there's plenty more to be excited for.

Titan Comics’ The Evil Within: The Interlude Gives Players Clarity as well as More Mystery

Titan Comics allows The Evil Within fans a more in-depth look into the series and into the mind of Sebastian Castellanos with The Evil Within: The Interlude.

Titan Comics Captures the Ferocity of Tekken

Titan Comics wonderfully displays the rich narrative behind Tekken in the first issue of their brand new comic book series.
Bloodborne Comic Header

Check Out This Artwork From the Upcoming Bloodborne Comic Series

If you didn't already know, Bloodborne is getting the comic book treatment next February. Check out some of the epic art that's going to adorn its pages.

Assassin’s Creed Getting A TV Series; Possibly On Netflix

There have been rumours swirling around for awhile now, but Assassin's Creed is indeed getting a TV series adaption. Confirmation came from Aymar Azaïzia,...

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