10 Things We Want to See From the Witcher Netflix Series

From characters, to themes, to a game of Gwent: here are the 10 things we hope to see in Netflix's upcoming Witcher series.

Here’s Everything New on Netflix For 1st April 2019

It’s always a dizzying list of movies, TV, and comedy specials to fit all ages and tastes in entertainment.

7 Reasons to Watch The Umbrella Academy on Netflix

Should you need a little more convincing, here’s a list of seven reasons to watch The Umbrella Academy on Netflix.

10 Doctor Who Characters Who Deserve Their Own TV Shows

There are several Doctor Who characters who surely deserve their own TV specials or even their own TV shows. Here’s our pick.

David Fincher’s Animated Netflix Series ‘Love, Death and Robots’ is an Assault on the Senses

"WTF" will likely be your reaction to this first teaser trailer for Netflix’s adults-only animated anthology series Love, Death & Robots.

Big Finish Gives Doctor Who’s Missy the Spotlight She Deserves

Missy: Series 1 from Big Finish is a Doctor Who themed audio adventure continuing the adventures of the Doctor's nemesis, Missy, and it's absolutely brilliant.

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo is the Weirdest Show on Netflix

It’s a show that addresses what must be the ultimate #firstworldproblem: the emotional distress caused by having too many things.
Game of thrones season 8

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode Running Times Have Been Revealed

Season 8 of Game of Thrones starts this April and features only six episodes. Don't worry though, each episode is set to be longer than usual.

True Detective Has Rediscovered its Soul in Season 3

Thanks to a fantastic performance by Mahershala Ali, True Detective is back on form, with season three better than ever.

The Boys Trailer Promises a Whole Heap of Filthy Fun From the Guys Behind Preacher

The creative team responsible for Preacher have turned their attention to another Garth Ennis comic series, The Boys, which looks utterly crazy.

10 Facts About The Punisher, Marvel’s Murderous, Gun-Toting Vigilante

To celebrate The Punisher's return to the small screen with season two just landing on Netflix, we decided to round up a few Punisher facts.

Seven Potential Game of Thrones Season 8 Spoilers We Learnt From Playing Reigns: Game of Thrones

Reigns: Game of Thrones, putting us in charge of the Iron Throne ourselves, may just have given away some spoilers for season 8 of Game of Thrones.

The Haunting of Hill House is Just What the Doctor Ordered This Halloween

You know a show is good when you simply have to binge it in one night.

Five Great British Sitcoms to Watch on Netflix

To guide you through this morass of mirth, here are five of the best British sitcoms on Netflix.

Learn the Lore With the Game of Thrones Podcast w/Preston Jacobs

For this week's Podcast of the Week, I recommend the ultimate podcast for Game of Thrones nerds: the unimaginatively named Game of Thrones Podcast w/Preston Jacobs.

7 Best LGBTQ+ Movies and TV Shows to Binge on Netflix US This Pride Month

Here's our hand-picked selection of the best LGBTQ+ content on Netflix US.

The 10 Best David Tennant Episodes of Doctor Who

Oh David, my Doctor. Here are what we consider to be the best episodes in his illustrious three-season journey.

The 5 Best Anime Series to Get You Started

If you're a newcomer to the world of anime, it can be hard to know where to begin. Here are five of the best series to get you started on your journey of anime discovery.

Assassin’s Creed Getting A TV Series; Possibly On Netflix

There have been rumours swirling around for awhile now, but Assassin's Creed is indeed getting a TV series adaption. Confirmation came from Aymar Azaïzia,...

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