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Noblechairs Legend TX

Noblechairs Legend TX Gaming Chair Review: Exquisite Style and Comfort

After a new gaming chair? The Noblechairs Legend TX should be high up on your list if you appreciate style and comfort.

Nexigo NS53 Switch Dual Controller Review: Next-Level Switching

There's a new third party Switch controller on the market and - dare we say it - it might be our favourite yet.
TCP Pro Controller PS5

The Controller People TCP Pro PS5 Controller Review

Love playing competitive first-person shooters on PS5? The TCP Pro might just give you an edge over your opponents.
Xbox Elite Dream Controller Review

Dream Controller Review: Beautiful But Expensive Custom Controllers

This is an expensive but exquisite controller.
AndaSeat Kaiser 3 review

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Gaming Chair Review: Expensive But Worth Every Penny

It's expensive, but comfort this great is worth the cost.
JSAUX Steam Deck Dock

Got a Steam Deck? Then You Need These JSAUX Accessories

Electronics accessories company JSAUX has released a range of accessories designed especially for Steam Deck, and they're worth investing in.
EKSA Fenrir E7000

EKSA Fenrir E7000 Gaming Headset Review: A Sound Purchase

The EKSA Fenrir E7000 is a powerful headset that delivers great sound quality for a budget price. We're still not seeing the wolf, though.
Joby Wavo Pod

Review: The Joby Wavo POD is a Powerful Microphone For Not a Lot of Money

The Joby Wavo POD is a great quality microphone with enough features to fulfil your streaming or podcasting needs,
EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro Gaming Headset

EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro Gaming Headset Review: Comfy and Powerful

The EKSA Star Engine E5000 Pro Gaming Headset is great when plugged into a PC, good when used in concert with a console.
Endgame Gear XSTRM Microphone

Endgame Gear XSTRM Microphone Review: Best in its Class

If you're looking for one of the best quality microphones for streaming and solo recording, don't look further than the Endgame Gear XSTRM.
RiotPWR ESL controller

RiotPWR ESL Gaming Controller for iOS Review

There aren't many dedicated gaming controllers purely for iOS devices, and in that regard RiotPWR has carved out a niche in the market. The RiotPWR...
GameSir X3

GameSir X3 Mobile Gaming Controller Review: A Must-Have for Mobile Gamers

Gaming on your phone just got a whole lot better.
T Flight Hotas One review 1

Review: Up Your Flying Game With the T.Flight Hotas One

From Microsoft Flight Simulator to Ace Combat 7, the T.Flight Hotas One flight stick can really enhance your flying experience.
BigBig Won Rainbow Joypad

BigBig Won Rainbow Controller Review: Pretty and Powerful

Pretty and programmable, the BigBig Won Rainbow Game Controller is a lot of controller for not a lot of money.
Ducky One 3 keyboard review

Ducky One 3 Keyboard Review: The Coolest Gaming Keyboard There Is

This isn't your typical gaming keyboard.
Trust Thian Headset

Trust GXT 391 Thian Gaming PC and PlayStation Headset Review

The Trust GXT 391 Thian Gaming Headset is an easy-to-use wireless PC and PlayStation headset that gives quality performance at a decent price.
Govee Dreamview Gaming Lights Pro

Govee DreamView G1 Pro Review: Adding an Extra Dimension to Gaming

Want to give your gaming experience a LED-assisted boost? The Govee DreamView G1 Pro could be right up your street.

Review: Govee DreamView P1 Light Bars Make Gaming More Immersive

Govee's DreamView P1 Light Bars bring Ambilight style illumination to your games.

EPOS H3PRO Hybrid Headset Review: The Ultimate in Gaming Audio

The EPOS H3PRO Hybrid is an exceptional gaming headset, but it comes with an eye-watering price tag.

PowerA Spectra Infinity Xbox Controller Review: An RGB Lover’s Dream

We reviewed PowerA's Spectra controller for the Switch last year, and now we've had our hands on the Xbox version. We called the PowerA Spectra...

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