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The Longest Road on Earth

Travel The Longest Road on Earth Next Month

The Longest Road on Earth, a music-driven narrative game, is arriving this May.
Biomutant (1)

Biomutant’s New Trailer Shows Off its Gorgeous World

Biomutant is looking absolutely great as this new "world" trailer illustrates.
Just Die Already

Just Die Already Will Respect the Elderly This May

"Old people mayhem sandbox" Just Die Already will be causing chaos this May.
Farming Simulator 2022

Farming Simulator 2022 Will Arrive Later This Year

Want a brand new combine harvester? Farming Simulator 2022 is set to arrive on consoles and PCs later this year.

Microsoft Adds FPS Boost to a Number of EA Play Games, Supporting Up to...

Some of your favourite EA games are about to play better on Xbox Series X/S, thanks to Microsoft's own-developed FPS Boost technology.
Tales of Arise

JRPG Tales of Arise is Coming to PC and Consoles on 10th September

It's now getting a PS5 and Xbox Series X/S release, too.
Sheltered 2

Apocalyptic Survival Game Sheltered is Getting a Sequel This Year

Coming to PC later this year, Sheltered 2 offers a deeper, more strategic sequel to 2016's post-apocalyptic survival sim Sheltered.
LEGO Adventures With Luigi Zavvi

Pre-order LEGO Super Mario Adventures With Luigi From Zavvi and Get a Free T-Shirt...

LEGO Super Mario Adventures With Luigi retails at £49.99, but if you pre-order from Zavvi, you’ll get a little more for your money.

Assassin’s Creed is Becoming a Line of Mr Men Books

What plane of reality are we on right now?

Grotto Will Make You a Tribe’s Star-Reading Soothsayer

Grotto will cast you as a tribe's soothsayer, interpreting the stars to guide their actions. So, no pressure.
Remove term: Tandem: A Tale of Shadows Tandem: A Tale of Shadows

Check Out Tandem: A Tale of Shadows’ Eerie Story Trailer

Tandem A Tale of Shadows now has an eerie story trailer, shedding some much-needed light on the Tim Burtonesque world.

Online Free-To-Play Xbox Games No Longer Need Xbox Live Gold

You no longer need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play Fortnite, Apex Legends and other free-to-play titles on the Xbox.
The Great Ace Attorney Chroniclles

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is Coming to the West

Capcom have decided to do the Wright thing are brining two previously untranslated Ace Attorney games to the west.
Apogee Entertainment

Apogee is Back as an Indie Publisher

Apogee Entertainment, a new indie publisher using an old brand, has just launched.
Before I Forget

BAFTA-Nominated Before I Forget is Coming to Switch and Xbox Next Week

Released on PC back in July 2020, Before I Forget is a touching narrative adventure that explores the reality of Alzheimer's Disease.
Jeff Kaplan

Jeff Kaplan, Blizzard’s Overwatch Director, Has Left the Company

You might not know Jeff Kaplan by name, but you'd sure as hell recognise the Overwatch director by his face. Aside from being the director...
Xbox Game Pass April

Microsoft Adds Six Extra Titles to April’s Xbox Game Pass Offerings

Microsoft has added six new titles to Xbox Game Pass, their subscription gaming service.

Song of Horror Will Creep You Out on Consoles This May

After being delayed from 2020, music box based survival horror Song of Horror is coming to consoles this May.
In Sound Mind

In Sound Mind Gets a Release Date and a New Trailer

Mind-bending survival horror In Sound Mind has an August release date and a new release trailer.

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