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Here’s Everything Announced at Xbox’s E3 2018 Press Conference

Didn’t manage to catch the stream from Xbox’s E3 2018 press conference? Don’t worry, we’ve got everything you missed right here.

Here’s Everything Announced at EA’s E3 2018 Press Conference

E3 has kicked off this evening with EA Play 2018. Didn't manage to tune into the stream? Don't worry – we've got everything that happened right here.
Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive 6 Has Been Revealed

It probably won't come as much of a surprise, but we bet you're happy about it; Dead or Alive 6 has finally been announced.

How to Watch EA’s E3 2018 Press Conference

E3 2018 kicks into action tomorrow, with EA's press conference the first to take place. Dubbed EA PLAY 2018, the event will be happening live...
Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn is Coming to Xbox One

Xbox One owners will be able to experience Grim Dawn, a loot-filled action RPG, sooner rather than later, it would seem.

Bandai Namco Reveals Code Vein’s Release Date

First unveiled last year, Bandai Namco's upcoming title Code Vein finally has a release date. And we don't have to wait too long to get our hands on it.
Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen 2 Announced

Fans of the action RPG Lords of the Fallen will be happy to hear that a sequel is currently in development.

You Can Now Play All the Saints Row Games on Xbox One

Itching to play through the entirety of the Saints Row series? Thanks to backwards compatibility you can now do that on Xbox One.

Bethesda Reveals New Fallout Game, Fallout 76

A 'please stand by' tease on Twitter yesterday has led to Bethesda revealing a teaser trailer for a new game called Fallout 76.

Legend of Kay Anniversary is Now Available on Nintendo Switch

The remastered version of a PlayStation 2 classic, Legend of Kay Anniversary is now available on Nintendo Switch.
Agony Header-2-759x500

Check Out This New Agony Gameplay Video

Give this new Agony gameplay video a watch to see what's in store when the game releases on 29th May.

Dark Souls: Age of Fire Explores the History of the Silver Knights

Dark Souls fans interested in learning more about the Silver Knights would be wise to pick up issue one of Titan Comics' new series, Dark Souls: Age of Fire.

Watch 55 Minutes of Vampyr Gameplay With Developer Commentary

Looking forward to DONTNOD Entertainment's Vampyr? Watch 55 minutes of uncut gameplay with developer commentary right now.

A Demo for the Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner Remaster Has Gone...

If you're looking forward to the release of Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner - Mars later this year, why not give it a try right now?

Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 Are Getting Remastered For PS4

Yet more Yakuza games are going to be available on PS4. Well, in Japan at least. Oh, and they're not getting the Kiwami treatment.

New Mode Announced For Twisted Upcoming Horror Game, Agony

Set for release on 29th May, a new mode has been announced for Agony which hopes to keep your attention after you've completed the game's story.

Hero’s March Might Be For Honor’s Best Update Yet

Season 6: Hero’s March looks to be the best update yet, taking For Honor to a new level.

Yoshimitsu Returns For Soul Calibur VI

Yoshimitsu, the mysterious swordsman first seen in Tekken, is yet another character returning for Soul Calibur VI. Watch his character reveal trailer right here.

Here’s The E3 2018 UK Time Conference Schedule

E3 2018, the biggest event of the gaming year, is just around the corner. Here's the schedule in UK time for all the big conferences.

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