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LEGO Brawls Header

LEGO Brawls Hits Consoles This Summer

Are you a LEGO fans that wants to pit minifigs against each other? Look out for LEGO Brawls which is hitting consoles this summer.
Xbox Game Pass May

11 More Games Are Coming to Game Pass This May

And seven are leaving.
The Valiant

Coming Soon, The Valiant is a Medieval RTS Game Minus the Base Building

The Valiant is a medieval RTS that sees you chasing down a holy relic, Yes, the Knights Templar are up to their old tricks.
Kerbal Space Programme 2

Kerbal Space Program 2 Has Been Delayed Until Next Year

Kerbal Space Programme 2 is, as it turns out, not quite ready for lift off, after once more being delayed.
WB Multiversus

WB’s Multiversus Has a New Trailer and it’s Absolutely Amazing

Apart from being utterly, wonderfully ridiculous, WB Multiversus's new trailer also confirms a handful of new fighters.

This June, Fall Guys is Going Free to Play on Console and PC

Fall Guys, originally a mid-price PC and PS4 game, is going free to play and making the jump to Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Ubisoft+ is Coming to PlayStation and Xbox

And PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium subscribers will get 'Ubisoft+ Classics' at no extra cost.
PlayStation Plus New

Here are Some of the Games You Can Play With PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium

Today, Sony has revealed more information about its upcoming overhauled PlayStation Plus service.
Netflix Resident Evil Teaser

Netflix’s Resident Evil Show is Nearly Here and it Doesn’t Look Terrible

Netflix's Resident Evil series arrives this July 8th and, going by the two teaser trailers, it could actually be good.
Max Payne 3 Album

Ten Years Later, Max Payne 3’s Soundtrack is Getting a Vinyl and Digital Release

To celebrate Max Payne 3's ten year anniversary, Rockstar will be putting out HEALTH's soundtrack on digital and vinyl.
Sega Logo

Sega Could be Raising the Dead With Multiple Remakes, Remasters and Spin-Offs

Sega's annual investor report has revealed that it's planning on remastering or remaking several titles.

Silt is an Eerie Underwater Puzzle Adventure Coming to PC and Consoles Next Month

Arriving next month, Silt resembles the secret love-child of Limbo and Subnautica.
Two Point Campus Spy School

Want to Be a Spy? Two Point Campus is the Place to Go

Two Point Campus is set to offer courses in becoming a spy. Not the James Bond kind, though, so put down the Martini.
Dead Space Remake

The Dead Space Remake Now Has a January 2023 Release Date

Can't wait to step into Isaac Clarke's big, stompy magnetic boots? Good news - the remake of Dead Space finally has a solid release date.
alan Wake II Concept Art

Alan Wake Remastered is Coming to Nintendo Switch and the TV Show is a Go

Alan Wake's 12th Anniversary Update revealed it's coming to Nintendo Switch and the Alan Wake TV show is definitely a thing.
Deathloop review

Deathloop’s Latest Update Adds a Photo Mode and Suite of Accessibility Options

Want a record of your gun-toting Groundhog Day? Deathloop's latest update adds a photo mode as well as several accessibility options.
Crossfire: Legion New Roster Units

PC RTS Crossfire: Legion Has 24 New Units From Flame Tanks to Leaping Mechs

Crossfire: Legions, a PC RTS that enters Steam Early Access this month, has unveiled twent four new units.
LEGO Transformers 10302 Optimus Prime 2

Transformers Fans Will Love This LEGO Optimus Prime

If you love LEGO and Transformers, you'll definitely be wanting to buy this brick-built Optimus Prime when it launches.

Starfield and Redfall Have Been Delayed Until 2023

Bethesda has announced that two of its upcoming titles – Starfield and Redfall – have been pushed back to 2023.
Cotton Fantasy

Cotton Fantasy’s Broomstick Bullet Hell Arrives Next Week

The witch is back! Cotton Fantasy, arriving next week, is the latest in the long-running Cotton shoot-em-up series.

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