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You Can Now Play Destiny 2 For Free, Thanks to a Free Trial

If you're yet to dive into the vast and shooty world of Destiny 2, you can now partake in a free trial to decide whether or not it's the game for you.

Humble’s Lovely Platformer, A Hat in Time, Makes its Way to Consoles

Super Mario Odyssey isn't the only hat-themed 3D platformer worth taking note of.
Assassin's Creed Rogue

Is Assassin’s Creed Rogue Coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

Could Assassin's Creed Rogue be making its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One early next year? We hope so, as it's rather good.

Prison Architect is Adding an ‘Escape Mode’ in 2018

Serial Cleaner Body

Serial Cleaner Sweeps its Way to Switch Next Week

Serial Cleaner is like Hotline Miami, but instead of committing the murders, you're cleaning them up.

Gran Turismo Sport is Set to Become a Whole Lot Better in December

Despite looking better than a greasy kebab after 10 pints and handling like an absolute dream, Gran Turismo Sport seriously lacked content at launch.
Resident Evil Revelations Body

Switch Version of Resident Evil Revelations Not Getting a Physical Release in Europe

Neither Resident Evil Revelations or its sequel will be receiving a physical Switch release in Europe, Capcom has revealed to Nintendo Life.
Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Review

Hideki Kamiya Would Like to Remake Viewtiful Joe or Devil May Cry

Hideki Kamiya expressed his interest in this week's Dengeki Playstation, though they aren't the only two titles he'd like to get stuck into.

Here Are Some Early Black Friday Deals from Amazon UK

Hear ye hear ye, Black Friday sales are here already!

You Shouldn’t Plug Your Xbox One Into a Surge Protector, Apparently

Got your Xbox One S or Xbox One X plugged into a surge protector? Apparently it's designed to be plugged straight into a wall outlet.
Valkyria Chronicles 4 Header

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Coming West in 2018

Set in the same timeframe as the original but following new characters, Valkyria Chronicles 4 is set to be a game filled with hope, love and loss.

Cities: Skylines’ Snowfall DLC Offers Frosty New Features, New Ways to Fail Your Citizens

Winter is coming. Not because Ned Stark couldn't keep his stupid mouth shut but because I've grossly underestimated my city's power needs. In fact, having...
Need for Speed Payback Body R3

Need for Speed Payback Gets a Little Less Grindy

The Speed Card system is still in place, but steps have already been taken to make playing Need for Speed Payback much more enjoyable.
Star Wars Battlefront 2

EA Pulls Loot Boxes From Star Wars Battlefront II For Launch

Like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator, they will be back, but when and how is something that is currently unknown.

Just One Line Wants to Revitalise the Classic Text Adventure

Just One Line combines classic choose-your-own-adventure style text with modern graphics and fantasy-style gameplay.

Marvel Heroes Omega is Shutting Down

Yesterday, Gazillion announced that its free-to-play ARPG, Marvel Heroes Omega, will be closing down as of 31st December.

CD Projekt is Likely to Shy Away From Sequels in the Future

In an interview with Polish Investment website, Strefa Inwestorow, it has been hinted that we may see less sequels from CD Projekt going forward.
Noctis Tekken 7

Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis to Join the Tekken 7 Line-Up

Yeah, you read that right. Noctis, the lead character from Final Fantasy XV, is to star in Tekken 7.

In Europe? Got a PS4? Play Online For Free For 5 Days

If you aren't already a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you'll soon be able to at least sample its online gaming aspect for free for a short while.

Play For Honor For Free This Weekend…Again

Not had the chance to try For Honor yet? Play it on your platform of choice for free this weekend, and buy it cheap if you decide that you like it.

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