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The Last of Us Part 1 review 1

Naughty Dog is Done With Uncharted But The Last of Us Could Live On

Now maybe they can make a game about a naughty dog.
R-Type Final 3

R-Type Final 3 Extended Gets its First Enemy-Annihilating Trailer

Feast your eyes on R-Type Final 3 Extended's first trailer. But be warned, it's not technically a sequel.
Like a Dragon: Ishin

Like a Dragon: Ishin Has Some Pretty Exciting Cameos to Look Forward To

Two rather exciting celebrity cameos have been announced so far, with four more to come.

Bloody Black-and-White Shooter OTXO Launches this April

Get ready to join the OTXO family.
Not For Broadcast Console

Not For Broadcast is Getting a Console Release This March

Sacked chimney-sweep pumps boss full of mayonnaise.
Atomic Heart Gone Gold

Robo-Busting FPS Atomic Heart Has Gone Gold

Atomic Heart's robo-apocalypse is nearly upon us.
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Roadmap Lays Out Huge Updates

A new content roadmap for Disney Dreamlight Valley lays out three major updates for the first half of 2023, and teases at more content to come later down the line.
The Last of Us HBO Show

This The Last of Us Clicker Cosplay is Nightmare Fuel on a Budget

HBO could have saved themselves a few quid.
Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

Warhammer 40K: Darktide’s Xbox Version Has Been Delayed

Warhammer 40K: Darktide hasn't been as well received as developer Fatshark might have liked.
Fallout 4 Karl Pilkington

This Mash-Up Video Puts Karl Pilkington in Fallout 4

Karl... Karl never changes.
Fortnite Dead Space Isaac Clarke

Dead Space Protagonist Isaac Clarke Joins Fortnite

What, no Necromorph dance-off?
Midnight Suns Deadpool DLC

Deadpool Kicks Ass in This New Midnight Suns DLC Trailer

With Deadpool two days away from his Midnight Suns debut, there's a new trailer showing off his abilities.
Life is Strange 2 Nintendo Switch

Life is Strange 2 Arrives on Nintendo Switch Next Week

Life is Strange 2 is coming to Switch and it's just over a week away.
Fallout London Auditions

Want To Be a Cockney Ghoul? Fallout: London is Looking for Voice Actors

Mr Brown wore his crown, upside-down around the town.

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