Thursday, 29th February 2024
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Strange Horticulture

One of 2022’s Best Games is Finally Coming to PlayStation

Get ready to do some... strange horticulture.
Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

The Latest Banishers Trailer Gets You Ready to Step Into Its World

The Official Gameplay Breakdown trailer for Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden gets you up to speed for the game's launch later this month.
Xsolla report 2024

The New 2024 Edition of the Xsolla Report Delves into the Current State of Gaming and Game Development

SPONSORED:Xsolla's latest report is now available, giving valuable insight into the present - and future - state of the gaming industry.
Until Dawn remake 2024

Until Dawn is Somewhere Between a Remake and a Remaster, Out Later This Year

Until Dawn isn't quite a remake but it's more than a remaster. Out later this year, we couldn't be more excited for it.
PlayStation State of Play banner, coming Wednesday 31st January at 10pm GMT

Everything Shown at Tonight’s State of Play

Missed Sony's State of Play? Don't worry: we've got you covered.
Heroes of Mavia

Heroes of Mavia is now Available on Android and iOS

SPONSORED: Web3-powered base-building mobile strategy game Heroes of Mavia is available from today on iOS and Android.
Eastward: Octopia

Out Today, Eastward: Octopia Adds a Farming Mode to the Popular Adventure Game

Finally, a DLC that completely changes up the base game!
Planet Zoo: Console Edition

Planet Zoo is Finally Coming to Consoles This March

Planet Zoo is finally making its way to console, and it's only a couple of months away.
Xsolla Once Upon Tomorrow

Xsolla Founder Releases Once Upon Tomorrow, A Book With an Aspirational View of the Metaverse

SPONSORED Xsolla's founder, Shurick Agapitov, has released a book that discusses the metaverse and its impact on global creativity.
PlayStation State of Play banner, coming Wednesday 31st January at 10pm GMT

Clear Your Diaries: There’s a PlayStation State of Play This Wednesday

It's been rumoured for a little while, and Sony has just revealed the date of the next State of Play. It's around the corner,...
An image photoshopped from the movie Spaceballs. A woman is holding a Palworld: The Flamethrower Toy.

Pocketpair CEO Teases Palworld Merchandise Including Toys and Trading Cards

Can't get enough of Palworld? Pocketpair's CEO has teased a range of Palworld merchandise, from toys to trading cards.
A being in a suit of strange armour in Diablo 4, with a glowing chest and a sword on their back.

Diablo 4’s New Patch Addresses Season 3 Player Complaints

Disappointed by Season of the Construct? A new Diablo 4 Season 3 patch has tweaked the game in response to player feedback.
A PSX-style shot of the Doll from Blodborne, a pale, white-heard woman in old-fashioned dress.

Sony Puts the Brakes on Fan Game Bloodborne Kart

Sony has stepped in and fan game Bloodborne Kart is no more. But it may yet live on in a different incarnation.

New Gaming Platform Funtico Shows Off Its First Game, Heroes of the Citadel, at Taipei Game Show

Funtico is a brand new gaming ecosystem offering a range of games to suit all players, and its first will be Heroes of the Citadel.
King of Fighters XV Advance Strike

The King of Fighters XV Gets New Advance Strike Mechanic

The King of Fighters XV is getting an update next week, adding a new Advance Strike mechanic that will let players be more aggressive.
AI Limit (1)

AI Limit Announced for PC and Steam, Launching 2024

Launching later this year and part of the PlayStation China Hero Project, AI Limit is an action RPG you might want to keep on your radar.
Skull and Bones

Ubisoft Reveals Open Beta and Post-Launch Plans for Skull and Bones

Ahead of its launch on 16th February, players will be able to try Skull and Bones thanks to an open beta available on consoles and PC.
Islands of Insight

Gorgeous Puzzle Game Islands of Insight Has a February Release Date

The beautiful shared-world puzzle game Islands of Insight has a release date of 16th February, and we can't wait.
Outcast - A New Beginning

Outcast – A New Beginning Launches 15th March

Outcast - A New Beginning now has a release date, and preorders are live for both the standard and collector's editions.

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