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An image of a Saints Row / Red Faction Humble Bundle

Get nine old school Saints Row/Red Faction games for just $10

Not a fan of the Saints Row reboot? Get the original Saints Row and Red Faction games in this $10 Humble Bundle.
Super Mario Maker, with Mario holding up a question block in front of a level.

Wii U Super Mario Maker fans have just 23 days to beat its last level

Nintendo is pulling the plug on Super Mario Maker's online services, giving fans just 23 days to conquer its last unbeaten level.

Gaming ecosystem Oxya Origin is getting a private beta today

Gaming ecosystem Oxya Origin has revealed a new private beta, kicking off today and allowing players to earn exclusive rewards.
Dragon's Dogma 2 Ian McShane

Let the legendary Ian McShane introduce Dragon’s Dogma 2 to you

One-time star of Spongebob Squarepants narrates a tasty introduction Dragon's Dogma II.
TopSpin 2K25 with two tennis players against a gold background.

Hope you like Fall Out Boy, ’cause Pete Wentz is TopSpin 2K25’s off-court ambassador

Pete Wentz, of Fall Out Boy, has been named an official "off-court ambassador" of the upcoming TopSpin 2K25.
Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, the crown dodging a giant boss monster's attack.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown’s roadmap reveals a speedrun mode, story DLC and more

Ubisoft is far from done with Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, as revealed by the game's feature-packed new roadmap.

Ambrus Studio brings PC and mobile gaming to Sui

SPONSORED: Ambrus Studio has announced it is leveraging the power of Sui's ecosystem to bring web3 based capabilities to its games.
System Shock 1 (1)

System Shock finally gets a May console release date

Eight years after it was announced, the console version of System Shock finally has an official release date.
A messy hotel room in Hotel Renovator

Turn a dive into a dream with Hotel Renovator, out now on console

Bored flipping houses? Hotel Renovator, out now on console, lets you turn a run-down hotel into a dream palace.
Resident Evil 2, the remake, with the game viewed from a fixed camera angle.

Resident Evil 2 remake goes old-school with a new fixed camera mod

Want a taste of old-school Resident Evil? This Resident Evil 2 remake fixed camera angle mod could be just what you're after.
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show

This chill Super Mario Bros Super Show Mario Rap remix is absolutely perfect

Remember the Super Mario Bros Super Show? We do, because we're so old we're practically turning to dust. But if even you've never watched...
TopSpin 2K25 with two tennis players against a gold background.

TopSpin 2K25 gets a tennistastic April release date and a surprise guest trainer

After thirteen years away, tennis sim Top Spin is back as TopSpin 2K25, and 2K has revealed its April release date.
Akuma in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6’s next DLC fighter is the statue-punching Akuma

Street Fighter 6's latest fighter has been unveiled and it's the very angry and rather hairy-looking Akuma.
Multiversus, with Harley Quinn hitting Batman

Multiversus releases this May, a year after ending its open beta

After a year away, WB's platform brawler Multiversus is getting a full, free-to-play release this coming May.
Stellar Blade, a girl with brown hair looking right.

Stellar Blade’s pulled demo is a reminder that digital isn’t forever

Stellar Blade's demo was released then pulled by Sony, but they've seemingly gone the extra mile to deactivate it.
A picture of Mario with the words Mario Day above him.

Here’s everything Nintendo announced for Mario Day

Wondering what you missed out on this Mario Day? Here's everything Nintendo announced on the day itself.
A shadowy image of a kart, in a tease for Mario Kart Lego.

After Lego Super Mario, Lego Mario Kart sets race out next year

They won't be arriving just yet but Nintendo and Lego have confirmed that Lego Mario Kart sets on the way.
Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario Bros Movie is officially getting a sequel

Nintendo has confirmed that The Super Mario Bros Movie is getting a sequel, though it won't arrive just yet.
Potions: A Curious Tale, a young witch getting ready to throw something while a Command & Conquer box rushes in from the right.

EA’s Classics storm Steam’s charts but one dev isn’t happy

EA has released a host of EA Classics onto Steam, but this 'shadowdrop' has been a disaster for one developer.
A Plague Tale: Innocence, with Amicia, a teenage girl, holding her brother Hugo in her arms.

Get $200 of games for just $15 with the Humble Heroines Bundle

From rats to supercops, the Humble Heroines Bundle is an absolute steal, giving you seven female-fronted games for $15.

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