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Blacktail Preview: A Challenging Adventure Filled With Beauty and Intrigue

Developed by The Parasight, Blacktail is a first-person action adventure game that sets out to bring "Slavic myth to life".
GRID Legends 1 (1)

GRID Legends Preview: An Exhilarating Racer Worth Waiting For

Launching in February, we've been hands-on with a preview build of GRID Legends and it's left us very excited for its release.
Core Keeper

Upcoming Adventure Game Core Keeper Lets You Carve Your Own Path

If you enjoy adventures that don't hold your hand, that allow you to carve out your own path – quite literally – then Core Keeper is one to watch.
Babylon's Fall 1 (1)

Babylon’s Fall Preview: Tanky Enemies Make This a Slog

We've been hands on with Babylon's Fall, and while it has some interesting ideas, its drab visuals and tanky enemies suck the fun out of it.
Elden Ring 2 (1)

Elden Ring Preview: Dark Souls Evolved

We've been hands-on with Elden Ring, and what we've played so far has absolutely blown us away. February can't come quick enough.
Shadow Tactics Aikos Choice Header

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – Aiko’s Choice Offers More Tactical Stealth Action

Aiko's Choice is a standalone expansion for Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, offering more of the same stealth-based tactical action.
Weird West - Key Art

Weird West Preview: An Action RPG With a Touch of Crazy

From the co-creators of Dishonored and Prey comes Weird West, an action RPG set in a crazy world where your choices and actions matter.
Grow: Song of the Evertree

Grow: Song of the Evertree Preview: Cosy and Wholesome

I don't normally like describing a game as 'cosy', but when it comes to Grow: Song of the Evertree, I can't think of a word that fits better.
Conway: Disappearance at Dahlia View

Detective Thriller Conway: Disappearance at Dahlia View is One to Watch

We've been hands-on with this detective thriller and can't wait to dive deeper.
Grappledog 2

Grapple Dog’s Demo Will Have You Absolutely Hooked

Grapple Dog may be a while off release but this 90s-style platformer's demo is still an absolute joy.
Demon Turf

Demon Turf Preview: Old-School 3D Platforming With a Fun Demonic Twist

If you love old-school 3D platforming, then you might want to put Demon Turf firmly on your radar.
Aeon Must Die 3

Aeon Must Die Preview: An Utterly Unique Brawler

Launching later this year on consoles and PC, Aeon Must Die is a unique brawler that's more complicated than we thought it would be.
Blue Reflection Second Light 1 (1)

Blue Reflection: Second Light Preview

Launching this November, Blue Reflection: Second Light pairs an emotionally-driven story with a fast-paced combat system.
Young Souls

Young Souls Preview: An RPG-Brawler You Don’t Want to Miss

Currently available on Stadia, Young Souls is coming to PC and consoles later this year, and it's well worth digging into.
eFootball 2022

Here’s What to Expect from eFootball 2022

Launching on 30th September, eFootball 2022 is the new evolution of Konami's long-running Pro Evolution Soccer brand.
A Little Golf Journey

A Little Golf Journey Preview: Golf, Puzzles, and Beautiful Environments

Coming later this year from Okidokico and Playtonic Friends, A Little Golf Journey might just be the prettiest golf game you'll ever play.

Scarf is an Upcoming Atmospheric Adventure About a Dragon-Shaped Scarf

Move over, Journey; a new neckwear-based adventure is in town.
Perish (1)

Coming to PC, Perish is a Fast-Paced Co-op Shooter Steeped in Mythology

Steeped in Greek and Roman mythology, Perish is a game that fans of co-op based first-person shooters should keep their eyes on.

De-Exit is a Cinematic Voxel Adventure About Fixing the Afterlife

De-Exit is an atmospheric puzzle-platform game about saving the afterlife from an apocalyptic doom.

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