Saturday, 21st September 2019
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Freedom Finger Header (1)

Freedom Finger Tickles My Funny Bone

Coming to PC and consoles later this year, Freedom Finger is a comedic side-scrolling shooter that you should definitely keep on your radar.
Nowhere Prophet

Upcoming Deck Building Adventure Nowhere Prophet is a Stylish Delight

If you're a fan of card-based combat and enjoy an apocalyptic twist, then make sure Nowhere Prophet is on your radar.
Gato Roboto 1 (1)

I’ve Been Feline Good Playing Gato Roboto

Take control of a helpful cat who's capable of controlling a mech suit in Gato Roboto. It you're a fan of metroidvanias, you're really going to want to.

Monster Sanctuary Crosses Pokémon With Metroidvania, And It’s Something Special

If you like the idea of a Pokémon-inspired Metroidvania, get Monster Sanctuary on your radar now.

Project Downfall is a Promising Neon Shooter, But it Needs Work

Currently in early access, Project Downfall is a gory first person shooter with bullet time mechanics.

Upcoming RPG Family Man is Surprisingly Dark

Family Man isn't quite as family friendly as it would seem at first glance – and it's all the more appealing for it.
Void Bastards 3 (1)

I’m Now Very Much Looking Forward to Void Bastards

After going hands-on with Void Bastards, it's now one of my most eagerly awaited titles of the year.
Cat Quest II

Cat Quest 2 is More of What We Loved About the First – Plus...

It's very much like the first game, except it also stars a dog. And that's no bad thing.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is Barmy Courtroom Fun

Phoenix Wright is back, and he’s as ludicrous as ever.

Puzzle Game Discolored is Set to Be an Intriguing Adventure

Restore all the colours to the world in this upcoming puzzle game.
Earth Defense Force Iron Rain 1 (1)

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain Seems Set to Give the Series a Shot in...

With its fancy graphics and new features, Earth Defence Force: Iron Rain might just prove to be the best Earth Defense Force game yet.

Black Future ’88 is a Promising Neon Nightmare

Black Future '88 is a procedurally generated neon-tinged nightmare that will have you reaching for your laser blaster and leg warmers.
Warhammer Chaosbane

Warhammer: Chaosbane is Set to Make the Wait for Diablo 4 More Bearable

After playing Warhammer: Chaosbane, it's now one of my most anticipated releases on 2019. It's a Diablo-clone that does things right.

The First Two Hours of A Plague Tale: Innocence Promise Something Incredibly Special

I've just played through the first three chapters of Asobo Studio's upcoming A Plague Tale: Innocence and I've been absolutely blown away.
Trident's Wake 1

Trident’s Wake Captures Some of Housemarque’s Twin-Stick Shooter Magic

Whether playing alone or with friends, Trident's Wake will put you on edge as you wrestle for control of a colony ship infested with aliens.
Fury Unleashed 1

Fury Unleashed is a Roguelite to Keep on Your Radar

If you're after a roguelite that's packed full of action, Fury Unleashed shouldn't disappoint. It's available now via Steam Early Access.

Guard Duty is a Point and Click Game Stuck in the 90s (in the...

If you're a fan of the point and click genre, make sure Guard Duty is on your radar when it releases on PC later this spring. 
Outward 4

Outward is a Demanding Action RPG That Seems Full of Promise

Set for a PC release on 26th March, preparation seems to be the key to success in Nine Dots Studio's Outward, an action RPG with survival elements.

Anthem’s Demo Was Promising, But Messy

Anthem is, when it’s firing on all cylinders, a visually striking, hectic, rewarding, and exciting adventure.
Degrees of Separation 2

Degrees of Separation is a Beautiful and Challenging Game For Two

Degrees of Separation, coming to PC and consoles in February, is a beautiful and challenging platform game designed to be played with a friend.

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