Friday, 22nd September 2023
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Upcoming Mable & The Wood is a Sweet Metroidvania With a Twist

Created by British developer Andrew Stewart, Mable & The Wood is a pixelated metroidvania with a difference.

Preview: Valkyria Chronicles 4 Takes The Series Back To Its Roots

Valkyria Chronicles 4 has been made in the spitting image of the first Valkyria Chronicles through and through, and that can only be a good thing.
Battlefield V 2

Battlefield V’s Open Beta Makes a Good Impression

Available from 6th September, the Battlefield V open beta lets players get to grips with Tides of War, as well as a myriad of small mechanical changes.

11-11: Memories Retold Paints World War I Like Poetry in Motion

Getting hands-on with Bandai Namco's upcoming narrative adventure set during World War I, 11-11: Memories Retold, has left me very excited for its release.
Man of Medan 1-min

Hands On With Man of Medan: Submerged in Horror

During a recent Bandai Namco press event, I was able to get hands-on with a playable demo of Man of Medan, the upcoming horror from Supermassive Games.
Super Seducer 2

Super Seducer 2 is on Course to Make You Cringe

Set for release on 12th September, Super Seducer 2 could prove to be entertaining providing you don't take it seriously. Really, just don't.
Ninjin Clash of Carrots 1

Ninjin: Clash of Carrots is Fast and Furious

Set for release on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC on 4th September, Ninjin: Clash of Carrots combines fast-paced side-scrolling gameplay with humour.

Ascending Madness is a Masochistic Gamer’s Fever Dream

Like some sort of twisted fairy tale, Ascending Madness is dazzling and disgusting all at the same time.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season Demo Left Me Tired

As much as I love Telltale’s episodic zombie series, having played the demo of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, I’m not feeling enthusiastic about the concluding chapter of Clementine’s story.
State of Mind 3-min

Preview: State of Mind is an Intriguing, Futuristic, Neon-Bathed Adventure

Far from relying on the usual cyberpunk game tropes, State of Mind actually goes out of its way to cover new ground

Upcoming Point and Click Adventure ‘Lamplight City’ is One to Watch

Lamplight City is a point and click adventure game that follows private detective Miles Fordham, who happens to be haunted by a dead colleague.

Graveyard Keeper Feels Like Stardew Valley… With Corpses

Graveyard Keeper, a spooky management sim, illustrates what might happen if you put The Chuckle Brothers in charge of a funeral home.

Arena of Valor on Nintendo Switch is a By-the-Book MOBA – But That’s No Bad Thing

Accessible, fun, and full of charm, Arena of Valor is poised to deliver to those who dive into it.
PixARK 5

PixARK is ARK: Survival Evolved But Cuter

ARK: Survival Evolved is huge, and Minecraft is even bigger. So putting them together should be a winning combination, right? Enter, PixARK.
The Banner Saga 3

The Banner Saga 3 is Set to be a Riveting Finale

Launching 26th July on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, The Banner Saga 3 feels bleak. But honestly, it looks set to end the trilogy on a high.

Infliction is a Horror Game to Keep Your Eyes On

Coming this Halloween, Infliction is a promising horror game currently being developed by just one man. Back the Kickstarter to add more polish.

The Spectrum Retreat Combines Taxing Puzzles With an Intriguing Narrative

Set to release later this year, The Spectrum Retreat is a new take on the oft-trodden first person puzzle genre. After a hands-on demo with the game, it's shaping up to be one to watch out for.

The Cinema Rosa is an Upcoming Exploration Game Set in an Abandoned Cinema

My love of the film Cinema Paradiso piqued my interest in The Cinema Rosa, an upcoming exploration game based around a fictional cinema, set to release on PC next year.
Onrush Header

ONRUSH Could Be What The Arcade Racing Genre Has Been Waiting For

Codemasters’ step out of the simulation and into the arcade racer is certainly showing promise.

Knuckle Sandwich’s Demo is a Jolt of the Anxieties of Early Adulthood

Like a WarioWare fever dream, Knuckle Sandwich is shaping up to be wonderfully bizarre and painfully relatable.

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