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Islands of Insight

Islands of Insight Preview: A Puzzle Lover’s Dream

This shared world puzzle game from Behaviour Interactive is shaping up to be something special.
UFC 5 Key Art (3) (1)

UFC 5 Hands-Off Preview – More Brutal Than Ever

Launching this October, UFC 5 is set to be the most brutal and realistic depiction of the hard-hitting sport yet.
Ghostrunner 2 preview 1

Ghostrunner 2 Hands-On Preview: Once More, With Wheeling

We've been hands-on with Ghostrunner 2, and with its new biking sections it's set to be more adrenaline-fueled than ever.
Cat Quest 3 Logo

Cat Quest 3 Preview – A Promising Furred Entry

Cat Quest 3 looks like more Cat Quest. But your very own ship and ranged combat are set to mix things up a little.
Talos Principle 2

The Talos Principle 2 Preview – More Thought-Provoking Puzzling

The Talos Principle 2 promises to be more accessible than its predecessor when it comes to its puzzles, but just as thoughtful.
Jusant preview

Jusant Preview: Climbing Has Never Felt So Good

Coming on 31st October from developer Don't Nod, Jusant is a meditative and engaging game all about climbing in beautiful locations.
Parcel Corps 2

Preview: Parcel Corps is Crazy Taxi Meets Tony Hawk’s, and We’re Here For It

After seeing Parcel Corps in action, we can't wait to start making deliveries in its colourful and wacky world.
Pacific Drive 2

Pacific Drive Preview: The Car is the Star

Now launching early next year, Pacific Drive has us eager to enter an anomaly-filled exclusion zone to unravel its mysteries.
Make Way review

Make Way For Make Way, A Riotous Racing Party Game

It's as chaotic as a pile-up on the M1, and we love it.
Enchanted Portals

Preview: Enchanted Portals Wants To Be The Next Cuphead

Enchanted Portals is a tough-as-nails platformer-shooter, sporting a gorgeous old-timey animation style.
Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets

Preview: Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets is a P.T.-Inspired Puppet-Filled Horror

We've had our hands on an early build of Jack Holmes: Master of Puppets, and we're eager to find out more about its twisted world.
Outcast - A New Beginning

Preview: Outcast – A New Beginning is Shaping Up to be an Unmissable Open World Adventure

A hands-off look at Outcast - A New Beginning has made us rather exciting for this action-packed open world sequel.
Battle Shapers preview

Battle Shapers Preview: Punching Robots Has Never Felt Better

Coming to early access later this year, Battle Shapers is a roguelike FPS packed with satisfying action.
WrestleQuest 1 (1)

WrestleQuest Preview – Wrestling Meets Final Fantasy

It may be an RPG in the style of classic Final Fantasy, but WrestleQuest might just be your next favourite wrestling game.
Mortal Kombat 1

Mortal Kombat 1 Preview: Gorgeously Gory and More Fluid

Launching this September, Mortal Kombat 1 appears to be the most fluid and best-looking Mortal Kombat game yet.
This Bed We Made preview

This Bed We Made’s Demo Has Left Us Hungry For More

We've not heard much about This Bed We Made, an upcoming mystery game from developer Lowbirth Games. But its demo caught our attention in...

Puzzler Drilbert Has Helped Undo Years of Repton Frustration

Drilbert blends head-scratching puzzles with earth-digging rock-dropping Boulder Dash style shenanigans.
House Flipper 2

We’re Obsessed With Our House Flipper 2 Demo Beach House

The demo of House Flipper 2 has us renovating a whole beach house from scratch, and it's hugely rewarding.
Loddlenaut preview

We Can’t Wait to Clean Up More Ocean in Loddlenaut

Coming to PC later this year, Loddlenaut is a relaxing adventure about cleaning up an alien ocean.

Xenotheria’s Demo Promises a Story-Rich Card Battling RPG

If card-based RPGs are your thing, Xenotheria is worth keeping your eye on when it releases later this year.

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