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Resident Evil Village 3 (1)

Resident Evil Village Review

Things just go from bad to worse for Ethan Winters, making Resident Evil Village a wild ride that's worth your time and money. Our review.
Skate City 1

Skate City Review

If you're after a Skateboarding game that you can chill out with, Skate City might be up your street. But its awkward controls are a hurdle.
R-Type Final 2 3

R-Type Final 2 Review

After 18 years the classic shoot 'em up series returns. R-Type Final 2 looks modern, but it's unashamedly old-school. Our review.
Terminator Resistance Enhanced 3

Terminator: Resistance Enhanced Review

Terminator: Resistance Enhanced lands on PS5, bringing with it prettier visuals, a new infiltrator mode and multiple other improvements.

Maskmaker Review

Maskmaker is a compelling VR outing that sees you crafting masks to save a magical realm from an untrustworthy ruler.
Before I forget

Before I Forget Review

A sensitive, beautiful and emotional glimpse into what it might like to live with Alzheimer's Disease, Before I Forget is a must-play.
Returnal review

Returnal Review

This is not only Housemarque's best game to date, but perhaps also the best game currently available on PS5.
Battle Axe

Battle Axe Review

With beautiful pixel art graphics and old-school hack-and-slash gameplay, Battle Axe feels like its been ripped straight out of the 90s. But is it any good?
Wraith 1

Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife Review

Gloomy, unsettling and engrossing in equal measure, you'll regret not stepping into Wraith: The Oblivion - Afterlife's distressing world.
MotoGP 21 3

MotoGP 21 Review

Another year, another MotoGP game from Milestone. MotoGP 21 is undoubtedly the best yet though, and brings the series to next-gen consoles.
Judgment remastered

Judgment Remastered Review

Yakuza spin-off Judgment is now available on next-gen consoles and Stadia. It's worth checking out if you've not already played it on PS4.
Buildings Have Feelings Too

Buildings Have Feelings Too Review

Buildings have feelings too, the title of this city builder-meets-puzzler tells you. And they do. A lot of them.
In My Shadow

In My Shadow Review

In My Shadow's story may lack appeal but the rest of this puzzle game makes up for that.
Rain on Your Parade

Rain on Your Parade Review

Everyone knows what it’s like to get caught in a bad storm.
Poison Control

Poison Control Review

Poison Control is a unique dungeon-crawler that struggles to truly impress but will keep some players engaged on its journey through Hell.
Forgotten Fields

Forgotten Fields Review

Saying goodbye to the past is a difficult thing to do.
What The Dub?!

What The Dub?! Review

If you're a fan of Jackbox party games, then you'll get a kick out of What The Dub?!.
Outriders 2

Outriders Review

Outriders is Gears of War meets Diablo, with the combat intensity of DOOM Eternal. But is it any good?
Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove Review

Don't expect a replacement for Animal Crossing, but Cozy Grove will raise a smile or two.
Before Your Eyes

Before Your Eyes Review

It’s very rare that a video game does something entirely new that’s never been done before. 

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