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Lunar Axe screenshot

Lunar Axe review – A budget point and click worth playing

Short but filled with great puzzles and beautiful art, Lunar Axe is a point and click adventure worth picking up.
Planet of Lana Review 1

Planet of Lana review – Puzzle platforming bliss

Planet of Lana is a wonderful-looking adventure with enjoyable puzzles, plenty of platforming and a beautiful soundtrack.
Sker Ritual review header

Sker Ritual review – One for Call of Duty Zombies fans

Sker Ritual is a co-op focused first-person shooter that should go down well with fans of Call of Duty's Zombies mode.
Let's Revolution

Let’s Revolution review – A roguelike for Minesweeper fans

A roguelike puzzle game that fuses Minesweeper and turn-based combat, the wonderful Let's Revolution satisfies that "just one more try" scratch that only the best in the genre manage to itch.
Freedom Planet 2 review 1

Freedom Planet 2 review – A Sonic-like sequel

Sonic fans are the target of Freedom Planet 2, and they'll likely adore its fast-paced 2D platforming antics.
Children of the Sun review 2

Children of the Sun review – Cult hit

Thanks to its unique gameplay and creepy atmosphere, Children of the Sun is yet another compelling title from Devolver Digital.
Turbo Golf Racing Review 1

Turbo Golf Racing review – It’s golf, but not as you know it

Combining arcade racing with the basics of golf, Turbo Golf Racing is the most fun we've had online in a long while.
Botany Manor screenshot

Botany Manor review – Simply perfect puzzles

Quite simply one of the best puzzle games we've ever played.
Buckshot Roulette screenshot

Buckshot Roulette review – Creepy but utterly captivating

Gritty and gruesome, this take on Russian roulette absolutely deserves your attention.
Minishoot' Adventures Review 2

Minishoot’ Adventures review – Twin-stick Zelda

An action RPG with twin-stick shooter combat, Minishoot' Adventures impresses with its clean presentation and rewarding gameplay.
Beat Slayer review 1

Beat Slayer review – Hades meets Hi-Fi Rush

Set in a dystopian 90s inspired Berlin, Beat Slayer is a bit of a treat for roguelike fans who also enjoy rhythm-based gameplay.
Planetiles screenshot

Planetiles review – Your new favourite strategy puzzle game

A strategy puzzle masquerading as a world builder, Planetiles is a wonderfully challenging little game that we can't get enough of.
Withering Rooms screenshot

Withering Rooms review – An intriguing horror roguelike

Withering Rooms combines roguelite gameplay with horror, puzzles and exploration to create an experience quite like no other.
Sons of Valhalla screenshot

Sons of Valhalla review – A Norse Kingdom: New Lands

Sons of Valhalla takes a lot of cues from the Kingdom games, providing a satisfying and strategic mix of base-building and combat.
Saviorless review

Saviorless review – Atmospheric but frustrating

Saviorless starts out strong, but as the gameplay progresses too much trial and error is involved which sucks out the fun.
Pepper Grinder screenshot

Pepper Grinder review – Fast-paced, punishing, pixelated perfection

Drill, dash and jump your way through Pepper Grinder, fast-paced and tough-as-nails platformer that we loved every moment of.
OTXO review 2

OTXO review – Roguelite Hotline Miami

A violent top-down shooter, OTXO is essentially a roguelite Hotline Miami with a limited colour palette.
Open Roads screenshot

Open Roads review – The perfect game for nosy people

This mother-daughter road trip is one absolutely worth taking.
Hi-Fi Rush review

Hi-Fi Rush review – Rhythm required

Now available on PS5, Hi-Fi Rush is a colourful and humorous action game, but its rhythm elements don't do it any favours.
Princess Peach: Showtime! screenshot

Princess Peach: Showtime! review – A pretty, but safe, outing for Nintendo

Princess Peach: Showtime! gives Mario's princess her time to shine, and while this outing is good fun, it's also rather shallow.

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