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Rhythm Sprout review 1

Rhythm Sprout Review

With its quirky humour and challenging gameplay, Rhythm Sprout has quickly become one of our favourites in the rhythm game genre.

Dead Space (2023) Review

Dead Space is an accomplished remake by EA Motive that makes a classic feel fresh and unpredictable again.
Deliver Us Mars review

Deliver Us Mars Review

A space-based adventure doesn't have to be filled with horror to keep you on the edge of your seat, and Deliver Us Mars proves that with gusto.
Fashion Police Squad review 3

Fashion Police Squad Review

Combat dull suits, ill-fitting dresses and socks with sandals in the fabulous Fashion Police Squad.
Helvetii Review 1

Helvetii Review

Helvetii is a good-looking roguelike with fun combat. It's just a shame it doesn't offer anything genuinely new.
Trenches Review 1

Trenches Review

Stuck behind enemy lines, Trenches is a short horror game with basic gameplay and plenty of jump scares... unless you turn them off.
SpongeBob SquarePants The Cosmic Shake Review

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake Review

The perfect platforming game for any fan of the yellow sponge.
Raiden IV x Mikado Remix review

Raiden IV x Mikado Remix Review (PS5)

Available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC, Raiden IV x Mikado Remix is an unmissable arcade shoot 'em up for fans of the genre.
Season: A Letter to the Future review

Season: A Letter to the Future Review

A captivating journey about discovery, exploration and making memories that we didn't want to come to an end.
Dread Templar review 2

Dread Templar Review

Inspired by the likes of DOOM and Quake, Dread Templar is a retro-styled first-person shooter that's hellishly fun to play.

Grammarian Ltd Review

A game all about editing and proofreading grammatical errors? Yes please!
Neptunia Sisters VS Sisters 2

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters Review

While some will enjoy its wacky story, Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters is let down by a clunky combat system that just isn't fun.
Tortuga - A Pirate's Tale

Tortuga – A Pirate’s Tale Review

Open waters, sea shanties and ample amounts of rum. You know what? The life of a pirate may not be all that bad.
Omegabot Review

OmegaBot Review

From sole developer Simon Carney, OmegaBot might pique the interest of those who love retro platformers with plenty of action.
Monster Hunter Rise PS5 1

Monster Hunter Rise PS5 Review

Monster Hunter Rise is the best Monster Hunter game yet, and it looks and plays brilliantly on PS5.
Terror of Hemasaurus

Terror of Hemasaurus Review

Terror of Hemasaurus is a fun, modern take on the classic Rampage, putting you in control of a kaiju monster wreaking havoc.
Lone Ruin Nintendo Switch

Lone Ruin Review

The Twin-Stick Shooter out of Space
Vengeful Guardian Moonrider review

Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider Review

A solid take on the classic action platformer, Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider is sure to entertain those after some challenging action.

One Piece Odyssey Review

An excellent blend of combat, adventure and storytelling, this is a JRPG not to be missed.
Breakers Collection review

Breakers Collection Review

It's easy to recommend Breakers Collection to anyone who remembers the series fondly or wants to delve into fighting game history.

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