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Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions 3 (1)

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Review

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions provides lots of over-the-top antics, but unfortunately fails to provide a decent game of football.
No Straight Roads

No Straight Roads Review

No Straight Roads has lovable protagonists and some great music tracks, but its gameplay unfortunately just disappoints and frustrates.
Surgeon Simulator 2

Surgeon Simulator 2 Review

Surgeon Simulator 2 offers fun co-op shenanigans but disappoints in single-player mode.
Control AWE 24

Control: AWE DLC Review

Alan Wake fans will love where Control's AWE expansion goes narratively, but gameplay-wise it leaves a lot to be desired.

Super Bomberman R Online Review

Are you ready for yet another battle royale experience?
ary and the secret of seasons

Ary and the Secret of Seasons Review

Master the power of all four seasons in this new adventure.
WRC 9 1 (1)

WRC 9 Review

WRC 9 impresses with its new Clubs system and additional rallies, but it's the new physics that really make it a triumph.

Crusader Kings III Review

Every detail of Crusader Kings III feels like the perfect evolution of the series.
Madden NFL 21 1 (2)

Madden NFL 21 Review

Madden NFL 21 isn't a bad game. In fact, its gameplay is better than ever. But for owners of Madden NFL 20, it just feels unnecessary.

Windbound Review

Windbound is beautiful, I'll give it that much. It's just a shame that the rest of the experience isn't as impressive.
Wasteland 3 Faran_Brygo

Wasteland 3 Review

Tough moral decisions, challenging combat encounters and more await players in Wasteland 3, and it's absolutely outstanding.

Tell Me Why Review

Tell Me Why, the most recent game from Life is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment, is something very special.
PGA Tour 2K21 4 (1)

PGA Tour 2K21 Review

There are some areas in which PGA Tour 2K21 could be improved, but still, it's undoubtedly the best golf game of this generation.
Kandagawa Jet Girls - Key Art

Kandagawa Jet Girls Review

Kandagawa Jet Girls combines visual novel-style storytelling with jet ski races. It's just a shame that those races are a bit dull.

Sheepo Review

Everything you do, it’s all for the better.

Jessika Review

FMV game Jessika promises an investigation into someone's suicide, but the game you end up with is quite different - and much darker.
Microsoft Flight Simulator (1)

Microsoft Flight Simulator Review

If you've ever wanted to fly a plane or are simply fascinated by air travel, Microsoft Flight Simulator is an absolute must-have.
Project CARS 3 3 (1)

Project CARS 3 Review

Project CARS 3 is a departure for the series, featuring a revamped career that will alienate fans. Many will absolutely love it though.
giraffe and annika

Giraffe and Annika Review

Not all adventures come in the same size package.
Samurai Jack Battle Through Time 1 (1)

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Review

If you're a fan of franchise you'll have some fun with Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, despite its combat being a little clunky.

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