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Pepper Grinder screenshot

Pepper Grinder review – Fast-paced, punishing, pixelated perfection

Drill, dash and jump your way through Pepper Grinder, fast-paced and tough-as-nails platformer that we loved every moment of.
OTXO review 2

OTXO review – Roguelite Hotline Miami

A violent top-down shooter, OTXO is essentially a roguelite Hotline Miami with a limited colour palette.
Open Roads screenshot

Open Roads review – The perfect game for nosy people

This mother-daughter road trip is one absolutely worth taking.
Hi-Fi Rush review

Hi-Fi Rush review – Rhythm required

Now available on PS5, Hi-Fi Rush is a colourful and humorous action game, but its rhythm elements don't do it any favours.
Princess Peach: Showtime! screenshot

Princess Peach: Showtime! review – A pretty, but safe, outing for Nintendo

Princess Peach: Showtime! gives Mario's princess her time to shine, and while this outing is good fun, it's also rather shallow.
The Last Case of Benedict Fox

The Last Case of Benedict Fox: Definitive Edition review – A fascinating mess

The Last Case of Benedict Fox arrives on PS5 in the form of a Definitive Edition, but it still has some troublesome issues.
Planet Zoo: Console Edition screenshot

Planet Zoo: Console Edition review – A mighty fine port of an excellent game

Being a zookeeper in Frontier's rich world is as joyous as ever.
Outcast, with a man in an orange outfit jetpacking over enemies.

Outcast – A New Beginning review: Avatar meets The Rocketeer

Avatar meets The Rocketeer, Outcast - A New Beginning is a sequel to 1999's original Outcast. But was it worth waiting for?
Rise of the Ronin screenshot review

Rise of the Ronin review: Grapple, glide and slash in this open world adventure

Rise of the Ronin may not have the most exciting open world, but thanks to its brilliant combat it's still worthy of your attention.
Dragon's Dogma 2 review

Dragon’s Dogma 2 review – An unpredictable delight

Dragon's Dogma 2 is everything a sequel should be, and an absolute treat for those who value a sense of adventure.
Alone in the Dark review

Alone in the Dark review – An impressive reimagining of a horror classic

Alone in the Dark has some issues, but it's still an accomplished reimagining of the original game in the series.
Hotel Renovator

Hotel Renovator review: A must-have for House Flipper fans

Redesigning your own hotel has never been so much fun.
Time Rift

Time Rift review: A fiendish, fast-paced puzzler that’s going to test your brain

It's fiendish, fast-paced and fiesty, but we're digging Time Rift.
Melatonin screenshot

Melatonin review — A rhythm game unlike no other

Melatonin is a gorgeous rhythm game set in a dream world, brought to life with hand-drawn pastel art.
Contra Operation Galuga

Contra: Operation Galuga review

Contra: Operation Galuga is a return to form for the series, with a fun campaign and a wealth of unlockables.
Summerhouse screenshot


SUMMERHOUSE is a sandbox that lets you design building exteriors, and there's a lot of charm in its simplicity.
Bore Blasters screenshot

Bore Blasters review — Your new favourite indie gem

Seriously satisfying to play and the perfect "just one more go" contender, there's so much to love about Bore Blasters.
Reveil review 1

Reveil review

Reveil is a first-person psychological horror game that ultimately might win you over with its late-game twist.
Ufouria: The Saga 2 screenshot

Ufouria: The Saga 2 review — A Woolly Yoshi fever dream

Ufouria: The Saga 2 is a ridiculously cute platforming game with an adorable art style, based on a 90s NES game.

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