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Victor Vran Review

Made by independent Bulgarian studio Haemimont Games, Victor Vran is an action RPG following a demon hunter as he attempts to free the gothic...
Dominique Pamplemousse review

Dominique Pamplemousse Review

Dominique Pamplemousse is clearly a labour of love that deserves to be shared.

Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess Review

Do you ever feel like being purely evil, instilling terror into your rivals and causing them to suffer the most painful and humiliating deaths possible? If your...

Battle Fantasia Revised Edition Review

Released in Japanese arcades in April 2007, Battle Fantasia offered a unique take on the fighting game genre with its highly stylised visuals and...

The Fall Review

Released last year on PC and WiiU, The Fall is a 2.5D side scrolling puzzle-action sci-fi game developed by indie studio Over the Moon. Planned...

Legends of Eisenwald Review

The land is overrun by mercenaries and vagrant lords are on the prowl. As one of those lords, bereft of lands and lacking the capital...

3D Thunder Blade Review

The most recent arcade game to join the Sega 3D series on Nintendo’s 3DS handheld is perhaps not one of the most famous Super...

Quantum Rush Champions Review

Whilst the Playstation has had many successful iterations of its exclusive futuristic anti-gravity racer WipeOut, the Xbox has never really had a comparative game...

Coffin Dodgers Review (PC)

Coffin Dodgers is a traditional arcade-style kart racing game by developers MilkyTea in which elderly residents of a retirement village battle to out-race death on their mobility scooters.

Hohokum Review

With a stunning, yet simplistic design and intuitive controls, Hohokum is an unstructured adventure game that gives you the freedom to create your own...

Spectra Review

Hurtling down a neon track at breakneck pace, you’ll need zen-like concentration and lighting reflexes if you want to succeed in Spectra. Littered with prismatic...

The Red Solstice Review

What The Red Solstice may lack in storyline, it definitely makes up for in gameplay: the campaign is merely training for what’s in store at the end-game.

Whispering Willows Review

Originally released last year for PC, creepy indie adventure Whispering Willows has now been ported to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. Though a tale...

Her Story Review

Do you like to solve a good mystery, following up all leads until you feel you have a good understanding of the events that...

Chip’s Challenge 1 Review

Get more girls Chip! That's just one phrase you may find yourself screaming in frustration at this re-release of the retro classic Chip's Challenge 1. The...
shadow warrior review

Shadow Warrior Review

After playing Shadow Warrior I now consider there to be two periods of my life: Before Wang and After Wang. Before Wang (BW) I now...
0rbitalis review

0rbitalis Review

For those who enjoy a challenging puzzle game that requires a good amount of thinking, then 0rbitalis is worth checking out.
THe Wolf among us review

The Wolf Among Us Review

The Killing, True Detective and The Wolf Among Us? Telltale Games is hoping you'll think this release is worthy of being mentioned in the...
Ronin Review

Ronin Review

A vengeful heroine, aggressive gun wielding pixel men and a great soundtrack make Ronin an entertaining yet frustrating turn-based action platformer.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli Review

This could be the quick little fix you need before the next big game.

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