Statik Review

You're sitting a chair, hands inside a mysterious box. A man with a blurry face watches you, intently. Solving these puzzles pushes you forward, but for what ...

VR Ping Pong Review

If you're looking for a serious table tennis game then this isn't it; VR Ping Pong sits firmly in the casual gaming genre, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Ace Banana Review

The PSVR lineup is slowly growing, and gaining some standout titles. In the mix, though, are games which falter from all sorts of problems. Like several other a...

Pixel Gear Review

For a lot of gamers my age, some of our early gaming memories are from arcades. Popular games around that time were rail shooters and shooting galleries. Logica...

Loading Human Chapter 1 Review

Kickstarter projects are, by and large, a mixed bag. Some are brought to us by people we know, as with Tim Schafer's  Broken Age or Zach Braff's Wish You Were H...

Weeping Doll Review

Virtual reality is, for many, the most suitable home for horror games. Because of that, a slew of early VR titles happen to be horror/thriller type games. Weepi...

PlayStation VR Worlds Review

You know how it is. With any new piece of gaming hardware there’s always the obligatory software release alongside it that’s made to show off just what it can d...

Windlands Review

Windlands is a rarity at this point; an actual game, surrounded by a slew of "interactive stories" and "experiences" that make up the rest of PSVR's undeniably ...

Thumper Review

Thumper, to put it plainly, will leave you in awe. The "rhythm violence" game from developer Drool is as fast as it is addicting. Everything from the sound to t...