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How to Heal in Far Cry New Dawn

It's the end of the world in Far Cry New Dawn, so naturally you need to take care of yourself.

How To Prestige a Character in Dead by Daylight

Characters in Dead by Daylight are like the player’s babies. They must raise them and then, when they’re reached an old enough age, they let them go.

How to Clean Your Weapons in Metro Exodus

In Metro Exodus, your weapon’s condition wears down as you use it. The solution? You need to keep it clean.
Jump Force 3

How to Perform an Escape in Jump Force

Getting caught in damaging combos in Jump Force and want to know how to break free? Learn all about Escapes right here.
Jump Force 1

How to Perform High-Speed Counters in Jump Force

Performing high-speed dodges is good, but performing high-speed counters is better. Find out how you perform them in Jump Force right here.

How to Perform a High-Speed Dodge in Jump Force

Master the art of the high-speed dodge and you'll find yourself winning more often in Jump Force. Here's how you pull one off.
Jump Force 2

How to Obtain New Outfits and Customise Your Character in Jump Force

Want to customise your custom created avatar to your tastes in Jump Force? Here's how you buy new clothing items and equip them.

How to Unlock Support Characters in Jump Force

Is your favourite character not available for selection in Jump Force's story? Find out how to unlock additional characters right here.

How to Save Your Game in Metro Exodus

It’s strongly advised that you save your game in Metro Exodus since, if you rely on the auto save, it’s possible to find yourself stuck.

How to Find Your First Safe House in Metro Exodus

Need some first aid or just a rest? Here’s how to find a safe house in Metro Exodus, in the game’s first open area.

How to Make Bullets, Shells and Ammo in Metro Exodus

Unlike previous games in the series, you don’t use bullets as money in Metro Exodus. However, you’ll still find yourself low on ammo at times, so here’s how to make new bullets.

How to Drive and Get In Vehicles in Metro Exodus

Unlike previous Metro games, Metro Exodus lets you drive a number of vehicles. Here’s how to handle them.
Crackdown 3 1

How to Summon the Agency Vehicle in Crackdown 3

Did you know that being a Crackdown 3 agent grants you use of a company car? Find out how to summon it to your location and change its form.
Crackdown 3 2

How to Unlock New Weapons in Crackdown 3

The more weapons you have available to you in Crackdown 3, the more fun you can have. Find out how to unlock new weapons right here.
Crackdown 3 5

How to Restore Your Health in Crackdown 3

Wondering how you keep alive when all hell is breaking loose in Crackdown 3? Find out how you keep your health and shield topped up during a fight.
Crackdown 3 3

How to Unlock New Agents in Crackdown 3

What do you mean you don't want to play as Terry Crews in Crackdown 3!?! You probably want to know how to unlock the alternative agents then.
Crackdown 3 2

How to Improve Your Skills in Crackdown 3

When you start Crackdown 3 you're at your weakest. But you're still superhuman. Even with all your skills at level one, you can make short...
Crackdown 3 5

How to Play Crackdown 3 in Co-op

Playing Crackdown 3 by yourself is good, but playing it with a friend is even better. Here's how you set up a co-op game to double the fun.
Crackdown 3 3

Which Difficulty Should You Play Crackdown 3 On?

Which difficulty should you play Crackdown 3 on? Well that's entirely up to you. Probably Hardcore if you're an avid achievement hunter though.
Crackdown 3

How to Save Your Game in Crackdown 3

Wondering how you save your game in the brilliant Crackdown 3? Don't worry about it, we'll tell you everything you need to know.

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