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How to Restore Your Health in Crackdown 3

Wondering how you keep alive when all hell is breaking loose in Crackdown 3? Find out how you keep your health and shield topped up during a fight.
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How to Unlock New Agents in Crackdown 3

What do you mean you don't want to play as Terry Crews in Crackdown 3!?! You probably want to know how to unlock the alternative agents then.
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How to Improve Your Skills in Crackdown 3

When you start Crackdown 3 you're at your weakest. But you're still superhuman. Even with all your skills at level one, you can make short...
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How to Play Crackdown 3 in Co-op

Playing Crackdown 3 by yourself is good, but playing it with a friend is even better. Here's how you set up a co-op game to double the fun.
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Which Difficulty Should You Play Crackdown 3 On?

Which difficulty should you play Crackdown 3 on? Well that's entirely up to you. Probably Hardcore if you're an avid achievement hunter though.
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How to Save Your Game in Crackdown 3

Wondering how you save your game in the brilliant Crackdown 3? Don't worry about it, we'll tell you everything you need to know.
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How to Fast Travel in Crackdown 3

If running, jumping and driving around Crackdown 3's open world is too laborious for you, here's how you use the game's fast travel system.

How to Use Awakenings in Jump Force

Playing Jump Force and want to use the Awakening Gauge to gain the upper hand in battle? These are your options for using it.
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How to Play Jump Force with Friends

Want to play Jump Force with your friends? Of course you do! The game doesn't like to make it very easy for you to do though.

How to Modify Weapons in Metro Exodus

You can carry up to three main weapons in Metro Exodus, including multiple versions of the same weapon. Here's how to modify them.
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How to Summon a Vehicle in a Jump Force Lobby

Travelling by foot is for losers. Find out how to summon a vehicle to a Jump Force lobby so you can get around much faster.
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How to Upgrade Your Skills in Jump Force

Want to make your custom character more of a force to be reckoned with in Jump Force? Here's how you upgrade their skills.

How to Heal in Kingdom Hearts 3

Combat in Kingdom Hearts 3 is pretty straightforward. Unless you're playing on the hardest difficulty, nothing poses too much of a challenge – but you still may need to heal. Here's how.

How to Unlock The Secret Ending in Kingdom Hearts 3

Simply finishing Kingdom Hearts 3 is not enough to see the game's 'true' ending. No, there's a secret ending that requires a bit more work in order to unlock.

How to Earn Coins in Dead by Daylight’s Lunar New Year Event

Lunar New Year may be over, but that doesn’t mean the celebrations have to stop.

How to Find White Crabs in Kingdom Hearts 3

Want to upgrade your ship in Kingdom Hearts 3's Pirates of the Caribbean world but struggling to find white crabs? Here's everything you need to know.

How to Change Weapons in Kingdom Hearts 3

Unlike previous games in the series, in Kingdom Hearts 3, Sora can have more than one keyblade equipped at any one time.
Kingdom Come Deliverance Band of Bastards

How to Start the Band of Bastards DLC in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Picked up Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Band of Bastards DLC and wondering how you start it? We tell you how to begin the new questline.
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Will Kingdom Hearts 3 be Released on PC?

Looking forward to playing Kingdom Hearts 3 but don't own a PS4 or Xbox One? It might come to PC eventually. And possibly even Switch.

How to Play Downloaded Maps and Campaigns in Wargroove

Here's where you’ll find downloaded maps and campaigns to play in Wargroove.

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