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Best JRPGs on Switch

The Best JRPGs on Nintendo Switch

Check out our list of the best JRPGs on Nintendo Switch to avoid wasting time on a dud. There are so many available on the format after all.
LEGO Super Mario Starter Course

The Best Lego Super Mario Sets You Can Buy Right Now

It's-a me, Lego Mario!
games like Castlevania

6 Games to Play if You Like Castlevania

Check out our list of games like Castlevania if you're tired of waiting for Konami to release a new game in this much-loved series.
Best Couch Co-op Games PS5

The Best Couch Co-op Games on PS5 To Play With Friends and Family

Looking for couch co-op experiences on your shiny new PS5? We've rounded up the best games right here.
Best Games like Stardew Valley

The Best Games Like Stardew Valley

Want more games where you can farm, cultivate your own property and mingle with townsfolk?
Best Games for 3 to 4 year olds on Switch

Best Switch Games for 3 to 4 Year Olds

Are you looking to introduce your young children to video games? Let us help.
Xbox achievements on mobile

The 32 Xbox Games With the Most Achievements (and Gamerscore)

If you're an Xbox gamer looking to boost your Gamerscore, you'll want to pick up these games, each offering way over the usual 1,000 achievement points.
Warstride Challenges review 1 (1)

The Best FPS Games on PS5

Check out our list of the best FPS games on PS5 if you're after some exhilarating first-person shooter action.
Blasphemous 2 (1)

The Best Metroidvania Games on PS5

Got a PS5 and want the best metroidvania games you can play on it? We've put together a handy list to point you in the right direction.
The best games like Streets of Rage on Xbox

The Best Games Like Streets of Rage on Xbox

From Shredder's Revenge to River City Girls 2, you won't be able to put these side scrolling beat 'em ups down.
Best Indie Games on PS Plus Extra

Best Indie Games on PS Plus Extra

If you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary to play, an indie game is often the way to go.
Steam Deck alternatives

6 Steam Deck Alternatives You Should Check Out

On the market for a handheld but aren't too sure about Valve's Steam Deck? Here's a list of 6 Steam Deck alternatives you should check out.
Best Brawler Games Like Super Smash Bros

The Best Brawler Games Like Super Smash Bros.

Get ready to rumble.

The Best Games Like Disney Dreamlight Valley

Completely obsessed with Disney Dreamlight Valley and looking for more games like it that will scratch the same itch? We've got you covered.
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 (1)

The Best Spider-Man Games You Can Play Right Now

A fan of the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man? Check out our list of the best Spider-Man games you can play right now.
Best Car combat games

Best Car Combat Games You Can Play Right Now

Want to cause vehicular destruction? Check out our list of the best car combat games you can play right now.
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 review 3

The Best Superhero Games You Can Play on PS5

From Batman to Spider-Man and everyone in between, we've rounded up the best superhero games available now on PS5.
Best Horror Games of 2023

The Best Horror Games of 2023 To Play This Halloween, From Resident Evil to Layers of Fear

Looking for something scary to play this spooky season? We've got you covered.
Breath of the Wild

The 10 Best Switch Exclusive Games You Need in Your Collection

Looking to fill some gaps in your Switch library? Look no further.

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