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The Best PS4 Games Available on PS Now

PS Now offers over 500 games for you to play on PS4 or PC. Thinking about subscribing? Here are the best PS4 games you can play via the service.

The Best Metroidvania Games on Nintendo Switch

If you find yourself craving to play a Metroidvania game on Switch there are plenty for you to choose from. Here are the ones which we think are the best.
Breath of the Wild

The Best Single-Player Games on Nintendo Switch

Not into multiplayer? Yeah, we're not too keen either. Here's a list of some of the best single-player games available on Nintendo Switch.
mario kart 8 deluxe

The Best Racing Games on Nintendo Switch

Got a Nintendo Switch? Love racing games? We've put together a list of the best racing games available on the format. Take a look!

The 10 Best Legend of Zelda Games

Few game franchises have created a legacy like The Legend of Zelda.

The Best Party Games on PS4

Got friends and family over to celebrate the holidays? Then you'll want to switch on the PS4 and dig out these party games.
Apple Arcade Rayman Mini

The Best Games on Apple Arcade

Got Apple Arcade? These are the games you need to download.
Horizon Zero Dawn

10 Things We Want From Horizon Zero Dawn 2

Horizon Zero Dawn is a modern classic, and there's been a lot of speculation about a sequel. Here's the 10 things we want from Horizon Zero Dawn 2

The Best Collectible Card Games on PC

There are so many virtual collectible card games out there, it's hard to know where to begin. Here are the 10 best CCGs available on PC.

The Best Side Characters in the Legend of Zelda Series

The Legend of Zelda franchise has so many fantastic characters who are fondly remembered. We pick out the 20 best side characters and rank them all.
Guacamelee 2 3

The Best Metroidvania Games on PS4

If you love Metroidvania games just as much as you do your PS4, make sure you're aware of all these great Metroidvania games that are available for it.

The Best Dinosaur Games You Can Play Right Now

Love dinosaurs just as much as you do video games? These are the games that you can play right now to scratch that prehistoric itch.
Breath of the Wild

The Best Open World Games on Nintendo Switch

If you're looking for an open world game on Switch to lose some hours in, then look no further than our list of the best.

The Best Golf Games on Xbox One

Looking for the best golf games to play on Xbox One? We've got them all rounded up right here.

The Best FMV Games You Really Should Play

Dive into the world of interactive movies with these five FMV games you really ought to play.
Judgment 1 (2) detective games

The Best Detective Games on PS4

Being a real-life detective sounds like fun, but also a lot of hard work. Here, then, are the best detective games on PS4 that allow us to live out our crime-solving fantasies without any of the mess.

The Best Video Games Made By One Person

Anybody who knows anything about video games knows that they take a hell of a lot of work to create. That's why it's hard to believe that there are so many great games made by one person.

Games Like Dark Souls on PS4

Like a challenge but have played the Dark Souls games to death? Check out our list of games like Dark Souls on PS4 to find something new to play.
Gears Pop (1)

Mobile Games With Xbox Achievements

While we can't yet earn achievements in all aspects of our lives, we can at least earn some through our phones.
Metro Exodus 2

The Best Games on Xbox Game Pass for PC

Now in open beta, Xbox Game Pass for PC gives you instant access to over 100 games. But which ones should you play first? We can help you with that.

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