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The 8 Best Golf Games on PS4

If golf games on PS4 are your thing, here are eight of the best that you really ought to swing your virtual club at.

25 PS4 Games You Can Easily Complete in One Evening

Don't have time or not in the mood to play the latest epic game? Why not try one of these PS4 games that you can complete comfortably in one evening?
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Eleven PS4 Games Like Diablo 3

Has Diablo 3 on PS4 lost its edge because you've played it so much? Try these other games that offer a similar experience.

14 Games Made By One Person

Anybody who knows anything about video games knows that they take a hell of a lot of work to create. That's why it's hard to believe that there are so many great games made by one person.

17 Best Point and Click Games on PS4

The point and click genre is far from dead - the puzzle/adventure favourites are alive more than ever!

Six Things We Do (And Don’t) Want From Detroit: Become Human

Before the reviews start rolling in, we thought we’d take one final pre-release look at the game. Here's our list of the things we do and don’t want to see from Detroit.

Seven Good Movies Based on Video Games

From time to time, Hollywood doesn’t mess up and puts out a game-based movie that does justice to the property it draws inspiration from. Here are seven such movies that are actually good.
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10 Relaxing Games on Xbox One

Fed up of stressing yourself out with demanding games on Xbox One? Why not chill out with one these relaxing games instead?
Yakuza Kiwami 6

Guest Characters We’d Love to See in Fighting Games

With Noctis now available in Tekken 7 and Geralt of Rivia set to appear in Soul Calibur VI, we thought about who would be our perfect fighting game guest characters.
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The 10 Best PSVR Games Available Right Now

After a shaky start, Sony's PSVR headset now has a great catalogue of games available for it. Here are the 10 PSVR games that we think are the best.
Life is Strange Episode 4

10 Best LGBTQ Characters in Games

Here are some of our favourite LGBTQ characters in games. We feel for them, we relate to them, and we thank the game creators for giving these characters positive representation.

The 30 Best Single-Player Only Games on Xbox One

Love single-player games and own an Xbox One? Here are 30 of the best games that have no multiplayer features for you to worry about.

The 10 Best and Worst Dads of Gaming

If the most recent God of War has reminded us of anything, it's that games are often one of the best places to find dads.

5 Gaming Genre Mash-Ups We’d Love to See

If platform games and racing games can be blended together to create the karting genre, why stop there? Here are five other genre mash-ups we'd love to see.

The Easiest Platinum Trophies You Can Earn on PlayStation 4

Want to know which PlayStation 4 games you can play to quickly, and easily, boost your number of platinum trophies? Check out our massive list.

10 Xbox One Games With an Easy 1000G Achievement Points

Love them or hate them, achievements are a big part of gaming. Here are 10 Xbox One games that'll net you an easy 1000G by simply playing.
Stupid things in games

10 Stupid Things in Video Games That Annoy Us

From chicken chasing to looting a stranger's house whilst they stand by and watch, here's the 10 most stupid things we have to endure in video games.

The Five Best Yakuza Games to Play Before Yakuza 6

To help celebrate the Dragon of Dojima’s final stint in the spotlight as well as to help point any would-be Yakuza players in the right direction, here’s the top five Yakuza games so far.
Diablo Darkening of Tristram

Twelve Xbox One Games Like Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is great, but if you've played it so much that it no longer excites you, why not try these similar games that are available on Xbox One?

The Seven Best Golf Games on Xbox One

Without EA Sports releasing a PGA Tour iteration every year, there aren't that many golf games on Xbox One. But not to worry – there are a handful of decent golf games still out there, and we've rounded them up for you.

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