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The Best Online Co-Op Games on Xbox One

It's no secret that playing a game with friends is usually more fun, so we've compiled a list of the best online co-op games on Xbox One. Take a look.
Mario Kart 8

10 Multiplayer Games That Ruin Friendships

Have you ever played a game that just made you want to kill your friends? We have.

The Best Metroidvania Games on Nintendo Switch

Love exploring interconnected worlds and improving your character as you go? Check out our list of the best Metroidvania games on Switch.
Hitman 3 4 (1)

The Best Stealth Games on PC

Got a gaming PC and seeking out the best stealth games to play on it? You've come to the right place thanks to our handy list.

The Sexiest Video Game Characters of All Time

We've put together a 100% legitimate list of the top 10 sexiest characters in video games. Trust us, they're the definition yummy.
11-11 Memories Retold 1-min

The Easiest Platinums on PS Now

Got PS Now and want to grab some easy platinum trophies? All of these PS Now games have the easiest platinums you'll possibly get.
forza horizon 3 cockpit

The Best Racing Games on Xbox One

There's no shortage of quality racing games on Xbox One, but which ones are the best? These are the racing games we think you need to play.
Blair Witch 4 (1)

The Best Horror Games on PC

All of these are guaranteed to creep you out.
Everybody's Golf Header

The Best Golf Games on PS4

If golf games on PS4 are your thing, here are eight of the best that you really ought to swing your virtual club at.

Six of the Best Games That Feature Dragons

Best mythical creature? Dragons by far.
WRC 9 Screenshot_Japan_Toyota_7 (1)

The Best Racing Games on PS5

Seeking out the best racing games available on PS5? You've come to the right place. Check out our list to fulfil your need for speed.

The Best Zombie Games on PS4

Fancy fighting your way through hordes of zombies? Sometimes there's no finer way to waste your time. Here's a list of the best zombie games on PS4.

The Best Open World Games on Xbox One

Open world games: you either love them or hate them. If you're in the camp of the former, here are the best open world games on Xbox One right now.

The 20 Best Nintendo Switch Games of All Time

In the last four years, the Nintendo Switch has amassed a mammoth library of games. Here are 20 of the best.

The Best Digital Board Games on Switch

Looking for the best digital board games on Nintendo Switch? We've together short list of some our favourites.
Diablo 3 butcher

The Best Games Like Diablo on PC

Love the Diablo series and looking for more games on PC that offer a similar experience? Check these games out and you won't be disappointed.
Assassin's Creed Valhalla

The Best Open World Games on PS5

Like a huge game world to truly get absorbed into? These are the best open world games you can dive into on PS5.
untitled goose game indie games xbox game pass

13 Happy Games to Cheer Yourself Up With

Play any one of these games and it'll put the smile back on your face.
Resident Evil Death Screen

9 Dumb Ways to Die in Video Games

Dying in video games is inevitable. But dying in a dumb way is optional.
Horizon Forbidden West

The Games We’re Most Looking Forward to in 2021

There are a lot of excellent games on the horizon.

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