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Hidden Gems on PS Plus Extra

10 Hidden Gems on PS Plus Extra You Really Need to Play

Look past the AAA games and you might find your next favourite game.
Streets of Rage 4

Games Like Streets of Rage on PS4

Love the Streets of Rage series and are after more games that offer the same kind of fun on PS4? This list is for you.
Forza Horizon 4: Lego Speed Champions DLC

The Best LEGO Games on Xbox

From Star Wars to Ninjago to Harry Potter, we round up the very best LEGO games on Xbox.

The 10 Best Simpsons Games of All Time, Ranked

Grab some Duffs, and snack so much that you’ll need a muumuu. This is the ultimate list of the best Simpsons games.
Best Free Games on PS4

10 of the Best Free-to-Play Games on PS4 (2022)

Need something new to play on PlayStation 4 but strapped for cash? Here are our picks of the best free-to-play games.

6 Games With Tiny Characters in Big Worlds

Honey I shrunk the protagonist
Best Open World Games on Xbox Game Pass

The Best Open World Games on Xbox Game Pass

Looking for a huge world to get lost in?
Kena: Bridge of Spirits

The Best Single-Player Games on PS5

Prefer to play your video games alone? We've got you covered.
Games like Tetris on PS4

The Best Games Like Tetris on PS4

Love Tetris and need something similar to scratch that block-dropping itch? We've got you covered.
Best Point and Click Games PS4

The Best Point and Click Games on PS4

It may not be the 90s anymore, but that doesn't mean the point and click genre is dead and gone.

The Best Roguelike Games on Xbox Game Pass

We love a good roguelike game, and thankfully there are plenty of them on Xbox Game Pass.
Breath of the Wild

The 10 Best Silent Protagonists in Video Games

From Crash Bandicoot to Claude from Grand Theft Auto 3, here are the best silent protagonists in the world of video games.
Best Meta Quest Games

The Best VR Games on Meta Quest

If you already own or are thinking about picking up an Meta Quest, which you should, here are the best games available for it.
Cris Tales

Best Indie Games on PS Plus Extra

If you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary to play, an indie game is often the way to go.
Monster Hunter World Capture monsters

Games Like Monster Hunter on PS4

Love Monster Hunter World? Here are some other games like Monster Hunter to try on PS4 that you might enjoy.

The Best Couch Co-op Games on PC

Like playing PC games with your friends while sat on a couch? Check out our list of the best couch co-op games available on PC.
Best Action RPGs on PS5

The Best Action RPGs on PS5

Want to explore worlds and develop characters while engaging in thrilling combat? Here are the best action RPGs on PS5.

The Best Dinosaur Games You Can Play Right Now

Love dinosaurs just as much as video games? These are the best dinosaur games you can play right now to scratch that prehistoric itch.
Legend of Zelda Breath of the WIld

The Best Legend of Zelda Games of All Time, Ranked

Few game franchises have created a legacy like The Legend of Zelda.
Best Optimized for Series X games on Game Pass

The Best Xbox Series X Optimized Games on Game Pass

Wondering what Xbox Series X/S optimized games are available on Xbox Game Pass? We've rounded them up right here, so get downloading.

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