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Why Mobile Gaming is So Popular

It is expected that by 2020, mobile gaming will account for half of the £800 million video game market. That's not a figure to be sniffed at.

The Gaming Industry Trends We Expect to See in 2018

What trends in the gaming industry can we expect over the next few months? Let’s take a look at the top four gaming trends to look out for in 2018.

Thumbs Up For The Desktop

Our desktop PC is always right where we left it, waiting for us to tap into an endless world of information and entertainment. What more could we possibly want?

Will Mobile Gaming’s Phenomenal Rise Continue in 2018?

As 2018 gets going, there are a number of trends that will allow the mobile gaming industry to continue its upward trajectory.

Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier Offers Some Morally Complex Monkey Business

It might have slipped under your radar, but if you're a fan of the massively successful Planet of the Apes movie franchise, you might...

Why Has eSports Betting Become So Big?

eSports has been growing year-on-year and, inevitably, once betting companies got a foothold in the virtual world, it was always going to become another revenue stream.

3 of the Best Android Phones for Gamers

More and more people are seeing their mobile phone as a gaming device, and so here are the hottest handsets for playing the latest games on.

Five Cooking and Food-Themed Video Games You Might Not Have Heard Of

Your parents probably always told you not to play with your food, but thanks to video games, nobody can tell you not to anymore!

Can Playing Games Make You Smarter?

Video games can, believe it or not, actually have a positive impact on your wellbeing.
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Three Games to Enjoy With Someone Special

For the last two decades or so, gaming has provided a platform for people to get together. Many bonds have been formed over the years...
Nintendo Game Boy Virtual Console 3DS

Will Sony and Nintendo Use Their Experience to Explore Other Markets?

Could Sony and Nintendo add to their current successes by exploring other markets in order to maximise revenue?

What Gaming Laptop is Right For You?

While the true PC gamers among us will say there's nothing finer than sitting at their desk, housing a mighty fine beast of a tower PC, sometimes it's nice to be able to game on the go.

UK Outlines Framework for eSports Regulations

The rise of eSports and associated betting practises has caused concern for UK regulators. A paper has been issued, outlining industry regulations.

Can Video Games Reduce Stress?

Scientists and researchers often point out the positive effects of the video games, for stress reduction in particular.

Here Are Some PC Games to Look Out For in 2018 and Beyond

2017's been a fantastic year for games, but it's looking like 2018 will be just a good, with a brand new slew of video games to keep us enthralled and entertained.
Strong Female game Protagonists

Two Iconic Characters Given the Reboot Treatment

Two movie franchises are making their way back to the big screen.
Nintendo Game Boy Virtual Console 3DS

New Ways to Play Old Game Boy Games

Thanks to a number of free emulators available online, you can play those old favourites any time you wish - from the convenience of your PC.

How the Real World Inspires Game Locations

Although gaming can provide a means of escape from the real world, it is something remarkable to see how physical locations can be lavishly recreated in a virtual environment.

Five Videogames With Unexpected Plot Twists

Video games are bigger than they have ever been. These days, fans can expect scripts, acting and production values to match a Hollywood blockbuster. And...

The Importance of Tried and Tested Videogame Themes

Videogames, like all forms of media, have their own comfort zones. Themes and motifs that developers can return to time and time again.

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