Nintendo Game Boy Virtual Console 3DS

New Ways to Play Old Game Boy Games

Thanks to a number of free emulators available online, you can play those old favourites any time you wish - from the convenience of your PC.

How the Real World Inspires Game Locations

Although gaming can provide a means of escape from the real world, it is something remarkable to see how physical locations can be lavishly recreated in a virtual environment.

Five Videogames With Unexpected Plot Twists

Video games are bigger than they have ever been. These days, fans can expect scripts, acting and production values to match a Hollywood blockbuster. And...

3 Ways to Partake in Game of Thrones Gaming Instead of Just Waiting Patiently...

With the seventh season of Game of Thrones now under way, "Ice and Fire" mania is once again in full effect across the world. It's...

The Ever-Changing Gaming Scene: Three Developments of 2017

If you've reached that stage where deciding what to play next can feel as frustrating as choosing something worthwhile to binge-watch on Netflix, perhaps it's time to shake things up a bit and try something a bit different?

The Importance of Tried and Tested Videogame Themes

Videogames, like all forms of media, have their own comfort zones. Themes and motifs that developers can return to time and time again.

7 Controversial Video Games That Caused a Stir

Video games are often the source of controversy, particularly when they involve graphic violence. As the medium become more realistic and interactive, this trend is...
Vampyr 2

What to Expect From the Upcoming Release of Vampyr

Picture the scene. It's London, 1918, and the streets are cold, quite and eerily deserted.

Play it Yourself: Game Shows You Can Play at Home

Whether it is a physical game or a digital one, game show games are everywhere.

Three Hobbies That Can Be Improved With Computer Simulation

People often say that gaming, like many forms of pop culture, offers an escape from reality. But this is not quite true. While the likes...

Hitman: The Perfect Hit

Contract killers have long been a popular subject for stories. Whether it's the written word, cinema, TV or whatever, a character whose job it is...

What’s Better: Console or PC Gaming?

Console or PC? We all have our preferences, but when it comes to which is the best, it's an age-old question that nobody will...

The In-Game Fashion of CS:GO

How do we decide which in-game items are worth buying with real money and which aren’t?

The Gaming Trends of 2017

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for gamers, with a lot of games and devices slated for release. Join us as we have a look at what you can get excited for this year.

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