One Dog Story: A Dog, A Story, and Shitloads of Action

The dog in One Dog Story is an anthropomorphic escapee from a research lab, capable of cohesive thought, walking on his hind legs, and wielding a gun. But then, I suppose One Anthropomorphic Thinking Upright Gun-Wielding Dog Story might have been a little bit too much of a mouthful.

Thimbleweed Park: First Impressions

Jamie's only had a few hours with Thimbleweed Park - the new game from point-and-click adventure veterans Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick - but he feels it's more than enough for some first impressions.

Let’s Play… Final Fantasy XV

I'VE GOT A NEW RECIPE! Today, Paul and Ali (otherwise known as PVATOT... "Playing Video Games And Talking Over Them) are playing Final Fantasy XV, and well, ta...
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Wife Lessons: Let’s Play Dead Rising 2

Up on Wife Lessons this time is Dead Rising 2. Diggy and Jenna head to the mall to battle zombies... so many zombies. There's blood and guts - and swearing - a...