Wednesday, 20th March 2019

Three Fields Entertainment Reveal Stunning Locations for Dangerous Driving

New locations have been revealed for dangerous driving.

How to Get SP in One Piece World Seeker

In One Piece World Seeker, SP - or skill points - is your currency to unlock new skills. Here's how to earn new SP.

KILL la KILL – IF Coming to Europe July 26th

Lots of news is out for KILL la KILL - IF set to release in Europe in July.

How To Open Treasure Chests Faster in One Piece World Seeker

You may have noticed that opening a treasure chest in One Piece World Seeker takes some time. Thankfully, you can increase the speed at which Luffy interacts with objects.

Konami Celebrates 50 Years with Contra, Castlevania and Arcade Classics Collections

Konami Digital Entertainment announced today as part of its 50th anniversary the upcoming release of Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection, Castlevania Anniversary Collection and Contra Anniversary Collection for current platforms.

How to Change Your Outfit in One Piece World Seeker

One Piece World Seeker gives you the option to change protagonist's Luffy's clothes – if you want to remove him from his iconic Straw Hat Pirate garb, that is.

New Dead by Daylight DLC Demise of the Faithful Now Live

Get ready to get thrown up on, like a lot, because Dead by Daylight’s new killer has gone live along with lots more changes.
The Division 2 (1)

The Division 2 – What are Ivory Keys and Where Can I Find Them?

Found a chest in the White House that requires Ivory Keys to unlock it? Here's how you take part in one of The Division 2's mysteries.

Xbox Game Pass to Add New Games in March

If you didn’t have enough games to play you’ve got lots of new options if you’ve got Xbox Game Pass.

Apex Legends Season 1 – Wild Frontier is Now Live

Load up Apex Legends because its first inaugural season has just started.
Fate Extella Link 1 (1)

Fate/Extella Link Review

For fans of the Fate franchise, Fate/Extella Link is an absolute must. And even those not familiar with Fate are likely to find it entertaining, too.
Xbox One X Header

How to Use the Xbox One’s HDMI In Passthrough Port to Plug in Other...

Did you know you can plug other consoles and peripherals into the “HDMI In” port at the back of your Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X?

The 10 Best Mario Sports Games

Forget gold coins, Mario is after the true Gold in these sporting classics.

Google Has Announced Stadia, Its Cloud-Based Gaming Solution

Yesterday at GDC, Google lifted the lid on its big gaming project. We now know it to be Stadia, a cloud-based gaming platform.

Golf Peaks is More About Brainpower Than Backswing

The next PGA Tour this is not, but Golf Peaks is a delightful little puzzle game about putting a ball around a myriad of obstacle courses.

Apex Legends Battle Pass Available Now and New Legend Coming Soon

There’s new things in store for players dedicated to the popular new game Apex Legends.

Roguelite Adventure Sparklite Reveals New Teaser Trailer and Screenshots

Sparklite is a rougelite brawler top-down game where you take down the dangerous titans of the mining industry to save sparklite, the life force of your planet.
The Messenger 1

Retro Platformer The Messenger Hits PS4 Today

Embark on a glorious ninja vacation in the critically acclaimed platformer The Messenger.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – Special Episode DLC Review

Are you ready kids? Aye, aye Captain Toad!
The Division 2 3 (1)

How to Take Over and Use Control Points in The Division 2

Wondering why you should bother taking over the control points spread all over The Division 2's open world? There are numerous reasons.

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