Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Review

The Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six games have gone through quite some changes since they were introduced back in 1998. Starting out as hardcore sim-like experiences w...
Let's Play Among the Sleep PS4

Let’s Play Among The Sleep on PlayStation 4

A first-person adventure with a difference: Krillbite Studio's Among the Sleep sees you play through the eyes of a two year old child. The world is a much more daunting place when you're knee-high and don't have the cognitive experience of a grown up...
memorable video game soundtracks

Top 10 Memorable Video Game Soundtracks

I've been in a very nostalgic mood recently and I think it's because the year is coming to a close. Having recently written a reminiscent piece, I felt I should...
Let's Play Among the Sleep PS4

Among the Sleep Review

The world’s a scary place when you’re just two years old. Strange shadows, unfamiliar sights and unrecognisable noises can all be so easily misinterpreted when ...

PSX 2015: Brand New Firewatch Gameplay

Developed by Campo Santo, Firewatch is an adventure game set in the woods of Wyoming. In the live demo you'll see how an odd job in the woods can escalate to become something involving discarded panties and a boombox. We're told it's a very character...
rock zombie review xbox one

Rock Zombie Review

You want to know what's really ironic? When your all-girl rock group, named Rock Zombie, suddenly becomes the focal point of a massive zombie outbreak. I mean, ...
Tricone Lab

Tricone Lab Early Access Review

"Played one puzzle game, played them all." This was my first thought when I booted up Tricone Lab by Partickhill Games Limited. That feeling lasted for about 20 minutes, until I was presented with one of the most well-authored puzzles I've played. Si...
Killing Floor 2 PS4

PSX 2015: Killing Floor 2 Coming to PS4

Good news for PS4 owners who want to face wave after wave of horrific enemies: Killing Floor 2 is coming to PlayStation 4. Killing Floor 2 is only on PC in Earl...
Final Fantasy VII Remastered

PSX 2015: Final Fantasy VII Remastered Now Available on PS4

Do you, like us, reminisce of those glorious days of playing Final Fantasy VII on the PSOne? Want to relive the experience on your PlayStation 4? Well, now you can! Now available on the PSN Store for the reasonable price of £8.99, Final Fantasy VII R...
Telltale Games Batman

Batman Telltale Game Series Announced

As if Telltale haven’t got enough on their plate with new The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Marvel games on the way, they now also announced that they’re working on a Batman game series, set for release sometime in 2016. Allowing players assume t...
Beyond: Two Souls PS4

Beyond: Two Souls PS4 Review

For me, Beyond: Two Souls was one of the best games of the last generation. Sure, the "interactive story" medium may come under heavy fire for its generally res...
elder scrolls online

Win $1,000,000 with Elder Scrolls Online!

It seems that Bethesda are really quite desperate for people to play The Elder Scrolls Online. So much so in fact that they're going to pay someone one million ...