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Biomutant Hoof Puff

How to Defeat Hoof Puff, The Northeastern Worldeater in Biomutant

If you're about to face off against Worldeater Hoof Puff in Biomutant, you'll want to be prepared. Here's how to defeat him.

Tips For Playing Biomutant

So you've just jumped into the post-apocalyptic world of Biomutant. You've made your way through the rather linear opening section and now you have a whole world in front of you. What next?
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How Long Does it Take to Beat Biomutant?

If you're just jumping into THQ Nordic's Biomutant for the first time, you might be wondering how long it takes to beat. Here's your answer.

How to Destroy Boomhuts in Biomutant

When you're fighting against certain tribes in Biomutant, you'll have to face off against their defences. Some of those include 'Boomhuts'. But how do you defeat them?
Biomutant Porky Puff

How to Defeat Porky Puff, The Eastern World Eater in Biomutant

So you're about to face off against Porky Puff, Biomutant's second big boss. Here's everything you need to know to beat him.
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How to Turn Off the Narrator in Biomutant

Everything you do in Biomutant is narrated by a narrator. Find it irritating? You can turn it (almost) off. Here's how.
Biomutant Jumbo Puff

How to Defeat Jumbo Puff, The First World Eater in Biomutant

If you're just about to face Jumbo Puff, the first boss – or World Eater – in Biomutant, you better go in prepared. Here's what you need to know.
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How to Use Photo Mode in Biomutant

Wondering how to capture the world around you by using Biomutant's photo mode? Read on.

What Difficulty Should You Play Biomutant On?

With three difficulty options to choose from, which one should you pick when you start playing Biomutant?

How to Save Your Game in Biomutant

Wondering how to save your game in Biomutant? Here's everything you need to know.
Biomutant review

How to Fast Travel in Biomutant

Biomutant's world is large and expansive, and travelling across it can take some time. So, can you fast travel?

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