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How to Build Bridges to Cross Water and Chasms in Core Keeper

Do you keep running into dead ends as you're exploring in Core Keeper? Here's how to build bridges to cross water and chasms.
Core Keeper

How to Beat Glurch the Abominous Mass in Core Keeper

Looking for some help in beating Glurch the Abominous Mass in Core Keeper? You've come to the right place.
Core Keeper

How to Get Fiber in Core Keeper

Fiber in Core Keeper is a very important resource for crafting bags, armour and more. But where can you find it?
Core Keeper

How to Plant and Farm Seeds in Core Keeper

Core Keeper isn't just about exploring and defeating enemies. It's also a farming sim. Here's how to plant and farm seeds in Core Keeper.
Core Keeper

Where to Find Tin Ore in Core Keeper

In Core Keeper, ore is a very valuable resource – tin ore especially. But it's not always easy to find. Here's how to get tin ore in Core Keeper.
Core Keeper

Tips for Getting Started in Core Keeper

We've put together some tips which should help you get the most out of starting Core Keeper.

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