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Best Horror Games on Xbox Game Pass

The best horror games on Xbox Game Pass

Got an Xbox and a Game Pass subscription and want something spooky to play? Here are the best horror games on Xbox Game Pass.
Pinball M Review header (1)

Pinball M Review

Love Zen Studios' Pinball FX? Think of Pinball M as a companion game, featuring tables based on horror franchises.
Xbox achievements on mobile

The 32 Xbox Games With the Most Achievements (and Gamerscore)

If you're an Xbox gamer looking to boost your Gamerscore, you'll want to pick up these games, each offering way over the usual 1,000 achievement points.
Dead By Daylight

Best Games Like Dead by Daylight

Are you getting a kick out of Dead by Daylight, either as a survivor or killer? Here are the best games that offer a comparable experience.
Best Games For Couples on PlayStation Plus Extra

The Best Games For Couples on PlayStation Plus Extra

Couples who play together stay together <3
Dead By Daylight Alien

Dead By Daylight: Alien DLC is Available Now

Time to go back on board the Nostromo.
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Best Games Like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Want to dodge some backwoods maniacs or rev your own chainsaw up? Here are the best games like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
Dead By Daylight Alien

The Xenomorph is Coming to Dead By Daylight in its Latest DLC

The next Dead By Daylight expansion arrives on 29th August, bringing Ellen Ripley and the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise.
Dead by Daylight Nicolas Cage

Dead by Daylight Has a New Nicolas Cage Trailer

Behaviour Interactive has put out a new trailer for the Dead by Daylight's new Nicolas Cage crossover and detailed Cage's abilities.
Best Horror Games on PS Plus Extra

The Best Horror Games on PS Plus Extra

From The Quarry to Dead By Daylight, we've rounded up the six best horror games available to play on PS Plus Extra and Premium.
Dead By Daylight Nicholas Cage

Nicolas Cage is Joining Dead by Daylight as Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is joining Dead by Daylight, playing himself. We promise, we're absolutely not making this up.

Dead by Daylight is Becoming a Blumhouse Movie

Blumhouse and Atomic Monster are turning Dead by Daylight into a movie. Let's hope it's actually good.
Dead by Daylight

How to Access the PTB Public Test Build in Dead by Daylight

Want to try Dead by Daylight updates before they become part of the main game? Here's how to access the Public Test Build or PTB.

Dead By Daylight’s 6.5.0 PTB Patch Notes Reveal Some Big Changes

Dead by Daylight's latest public test build features some welcome changes.
Dead by Daylight Deck the Trials

Dead by Daylight Adds Some Horrifyingly Seasonal Outfits

Asymmetric multiplayer murder-em-up Dead by Daylight is getting some Christmas cheer. Now you can be murdered while wearing a seasonal outfit.
Best Online Multiplayer Games on Xbox Game Pass

The Best Online Multiplayer Games on Xbox Game Pass

Like playing games with friends? We've rounded up some of the best online multiplayer games on Xbox Game Pass.
Best Horror Games on PS5

The Best, and Scariest, Horror Games on PS5 (2022)

Got yourself a PS5 and are after some games that will scare you? Here's a short list of the best horror games on PS5 right now.
PubG Battlegrounds Dead by Daylight Crossover

PUBG: Battlegrounds Has Joined Forces With Dead by Daylight

This Halloween, PUBG: Battlegrounds has a new game mode, featuring multiple mechanics taken from Dead by Daylight.

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