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Tips for Playing Deathloop

We're here to help you prepare for a LOOP of DEATH.
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Does Deathloop Have Multiplayer or Co-op Features?

If you've just bought Deathloop, or are thinking about doing so, you're probably wondering if it has any co-op or multiplayer features. Here's what you need to know.
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What Happens When You Die in Deathloop?

With a name like Deathloop, you'd expect both dying and looping pay a big part in the game. You'd be right. But what exactly happens when you die in Deathloop?
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How to Infuse Items in Deathloop

In order to keep your weapons and equipment between loops in Deathloop, you'll need to infuse them with Residuum. Here's how to do it.
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How to Save Your Game in Deathloop

Wondering how to save your game in Deathloop, Bethesda's latest hit shooter? Here's everything you need to know.
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Deathloop: How to Get into Frank’s Club on Fristad Rock Without a Class Pass

The Class Pass means that Colt's ability to rewind time if he dies doesn't work inside Frank's Club. So how can you enter the club without a Class Pass in Deathloop?
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What Do Sparkling Objects Do in Deathloop?

If you've just started playing Deathloop, you may have noticed strange, sparkling objects around the world. What are these, and what do they do?
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Does Deathloop Have a Photo Mode?

Deathloop is beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, you may want to take some photos of its world. So, does Deathloop have a photo mode?
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How Long Does it Take to Beat Deathloop?

Wondering how long you'll spend looping in Deathloop before you beat the game? Here's what you need to know.

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