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Elden Ring Review

Elden Ring Review

With a large open world to explore and numerous gameplay additions and improvements, Elden Ring is FromSoftware's best game yet.
Elden Ring Global Release Timings

Here’s the Elden Ring Global Release Schedule

Are you ready to get your ass whooped by a video game? Yes, of course you are. Here's when it'll unlock on PC and console in your region.
Horizon Forbidden West

Games to Watch Out for This February

We hope you've got loads of money, because an onslaught of games is on its way. Here are the games to watch out for this February.
Best games most anticipated 2022

12 Upcoming Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2022

Wondering what are the best games you have to look forward to in 2022? We've rounded up 12 of the most anticipated titles right here.
Elden Ring 2 (1)

Elden Ring Preview: Dark Souls Evolved

We've been hands-on with Elden Ring, and what we've played so far has absolutely blown us away. February can't come quick enough.
Elden Ring Review

Elden Ring’s PC and Console Performance Details Are Here

Wondering what kind of performance you'll get out of Elden Ring? Bandai Namco has shed some light on the matter. Elden Ring is an open-world...
Elden Ring Review

Elden Ring Has a New 20 Minute Gameplay Video and Some Cool Collector’s Editions

From Software have shown off 20 minutes of new(ish) Elden Ring footage and revealed this Soulslike's launch editions.
Elden Ring

Sign Up For Elden Ring’s Closed Network Test and Play Next Month

Bandai Namco has announced a Closed Network Test for Elden Ring next month, allowing selected players to get hands-on with the game.
Elden Ring

Elden Ring Has Been Delayed By a Month

It's now releasing on February 25th.
Elden Ring

Here’s More Information on Elden Ring, Out in January 2022

Check out the trailer for the heavily, heavily anticipated Elden Ring, set to release this January.

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