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Encased 3

How To Get Through the Nashville Cave and Reach the Relic in Encased

Encased's Nashville mission ends with you having to make your way through a darkened cave, but how do you do that without dying?

Can You Save Nashville or the Nashville Relic in Encased?

Have you just finished Encased's Nashville mission and wondered if you could have saved it? We've got the answer.

How To Heal Yourself and Other Characters in Encased

Are you playing Encased and wondering how to stop your players from keeling over mid-battle or heal them when the battle's done? Here's how.
Encased 1

How To Open Locked Doors in Encased

Are you running into locked doors playing in Encased and wondering how to get past them? Here's how.

How to Move Your Characters Separately in Encased

Are you stuck figuring out how to separate your characters in Encased, so you can set up ambushes and so on? Here's what you need to know.
Encased 2

How Long Does It Take to Beat Encased?

Wondering how long it'll take you to beat Encased? Here's what you need to know about finishing this sci-fi RPG.

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