Fallout 76’s Battle Royale Mode, Nuclear Winter, is Shutting Down


Fallout 76’s battle royale mode, Nuclear Winter, is being shuttered.

In all honesty, we won’t miss it. We’ve dipped into the mode once or twice but it’s not going to set the world on fire and was clearly created in an effort to jump in the battle royale bandwagon. Now, Bethesda have announced that they’ll be removing it from the game.

Bethesda cited falling playing numbers as their reason for closing Nuclear Winter down, stating that while there’d been a strong initial take-up, “we’ve seen the vast majority of players prefer to explore other aspects of the game.”

Bethesda have yet to say whether they’ll be implementing a new mode, or whether they’ll just leave the game as it is but they have confirmed they’ll be putting extra effort in the adventure mode, so we suspect the latter. We were deeply, deeply unimpressed by Fallout 76 when it first arrived, awarding it a miserable 2 out of ten, saying that “Fallout 76 is just dire. It shouldn’t have seen the light of day, and you shouldn’t buy it.”

It’s improved significantly since then and is actually worth playing, though it’s still not on the same level as the other 3D Fallout games. It’s also dropped in price, as far as the disc version goes, so you can pick up a physical copy for around ten pounds if you want to explore a post-nuclear Appalachia.

Nuclear Winter will remain online till September; you can expect Bethesda to reveal the actual shutdown date closer to then.