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Get BioWare Gem Jade Empire For Less Than $3 On Xbox

Jade Empire

Remember Jade Empire? If you don’t, then you should absolutely snap up this BioWare bargain.

Jade Empire never got a sequel and when people talk about BioWare it rarely gets a look in. Instead, it’s overshadowed by the likes of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the Mass Effect series.

It’s set in a fantasy world inspired by Chinese mythology, casting you as a student known as the Spirit Monk. Think that sounds like a cue for a prophecy/chosen one style adventure? You’re half-right, but it mixed things up just enough to be a real joy to play.

Aside from fighting elephant demons and saving the souls of drowned children, you were also presented with some tough calls. For example, do you let the game’s Darth Vader analogue go, or do you force him to fight for you, to undo the damage he’s already done? Decisions, decisions.

And now, you can snap the game up for just $2.49. It’s part of the Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S backwards compatibility programme, so you can play it on either of those consoles. And if you’re worrying about it ending on a cliffhanger, don’t. Yes, there’s scope for a sequel but the game reaches a satisfying conclusion.

Unless, that is, you choose to… well, we won’t spoil things for you. And if you want to see it in action, check out this Wife Lessons Let’s Play episode.

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