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Lords of the Fallen (1)

The Best Games Like Dark Souls on PS5

So, you’ve played all the Dark Souls games and are after something similar to fill the void left in your life. Thankfully there are plenty of games on PS5 that can do that. While there’s no news on whether we’ll get a Dark Souls 4 that fully makes use of the power of Sony’s latest console, there are numerous Soulslikes that do. Some of them even have their own twists that make them particularly interesting to check out. But what are the best games like Dark Souls on PS5?

That’s the question we aim to answer with this list. Each and every one of the games here is sure to delight fans of the Dark Souls series whether it’s because they have a similarly dark setting, challenging combat or interconnected world. Some have all of these, in fact. And so, if you have a PS5 and are after the best games like Dark Souls, look no further. Simply scroll down and you’ll find them.

1. Elden Ring

Elden Ring

If you’re after the best games like Dark Souls on PS5, your first port of call should be Elden Ring. Why? Because it’s by the very same developer, From Software. This is, in fact, essentially Dark Souls but with an open world format. It also has characters and a world created with the help of George R.R. Martin of Game of Thrones fame.

After creating your character, you’re let loose in a vast open world, and it’s because of this that it’s perhaps the most accessible Soulslike out there. After all, if you get stuck on a boss you can simply go away and explore elsewhere, gaining valuable experience as well as potentially better equipment. Ultimately, this is a must-play, even if you’re not normally a fan of games like Dark Souls.

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2. Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen

Not to be confused with the 2014 game of the same name,Lords of the Fallen gives the works of FromSoftware a run for their money. Very much inspired by the Dark Souls series, in Lords of the Fallen you’ll find yourself exploring a similarly dark and dangerous fantasy world.

What’s different here, however, is that you can visit the land of the dead. It adds another layer to the gameplay, and gives you a chance to fight on when your health bar is depleted. Lords of the Fallen has some other unique features, too, making for a game that feels familiar but fresh. In any case, it’s definitely one of the best games like Dark Souls currently available on PS5.

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3. Lies of P

Lies of P 1 (1)

While Lords of the Fallen above can be accused of being derivative of Dark Souls, Lies of P can be accused of being derivative of another game by FromSoftware: Bloodborne. From its setting that has you exploring dark city streets, to its combat that wants you to be aggressive and recoup lost health by quickly landing blows on your opponent, Lies of P will please any Soulslike fan eager for something akin to one of the PS4’s much-loved exclusives.

Thankfully it also has some original ideas of its own, and is otherwise just very well put together. Add into the mix that it’s a unique take on the familiar story of Pinocchio and you’re onto a winner.

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4. Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition

Mortal Shell Enhanced Edition 2

Love games like Dark Souls but find they generally require too much of your time? You’ll probably get on well with Mortal Shell, available on PS5 in the form of an Enhanced Edition. There’s still lots of exploration to be done here, but the world of Mortal Shell isn’t as expansive as those found in the Dark Souls games.

There’s no leveling up in order to grow in power, either. Instead, your capabilities are determined by the shell you inhabit, with more shells available to discover by those who investigate nooks and crannies. You can improve your weapons, though, which is a relief. Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition is a bit smaller in scope than other games likes Dark Souls available on PS5, then, but some will appreciate it.

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5. Thymesia

Thymesia review

Like Mortal Shell above, Thymesia is another Soulslike that isn’t too demanding of your time. In fact, you’re likely to beat it in around 10 hours or less if you’re fairly skilled at these types of games. Taking place inside a fractured mind, however, it does have multiple endings to discover, as well as a wealth of side missions that can extend that playing time if you wish.

The real draw here, though, is the game’s combat, which requires you to make effective use of weapons. Your saber, for example, strikes fast but inflicts damage that can be recovered by enemies. Follow up with a slow but powerful claw attack, however, and all that recoverable health will be wiped out.

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