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Top 10 Hardest PS4 Platinums

5. Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator

If you fancy doing a spot of ad hoc surgery in your living room, then Surgeon Simulator may just be the game for you. If you’re a trophy hunter however, it may not be the best choice thanks to its insanely difficult trophy list.

An incredibly fun and crazy experience, the crux of the game comes down to its purposefully frustrating controls. Using your pad to control the surgeon’s hand, it takes a lot of practice to refine the buttons and finicky movements you need to twist, push and grab with your hand. Thanks to these controls, it means the game is fiendishly difficult to make any real progress, and a trophy list made up of speedruns in increasingly difficult locations and a couple of glitched trophies means that platinum is going to take some serious work.

4. Trine 2: The Complete Story

Top 10 Hardest PS4 Platinums

Whilst Trine 2 was considered to have an easy trophy list on the Playstation 3, letting you grab that sparkly platinum in way less than 10 hours, the same can’t be said about the trophy list that adorns the Playstation 4 version.

It may be a beautiful looking platform game, with an interesting cast of characters and unique physics based gameplay, but the “Walk in the Park” trophy will have you tearing your hair out. Making you complete the game on hard difficulty with the hardcore option enabled, enemies will have more health and power whilst checkpoints will only be able to be used once. It all adds up to make this one truly challenging trophy will be a thorn in anyone’s side that hopes to get the platinum.


3. N++

Top 10 Hardest PS4 Platinums

A game that looks simple on the outside, N++ is a deep, challenging beast of a game that will test all but the most skilled of gamers.

Playing as an acrobatic ninja, obtaining that shiny platinum will require you to complete hundreds, if not thousands of the levels on offer, as well as obtaining the All-Gold Badge in a handful of them. Perhaps the trickiest trophies to get though are the ones that require you to complete rows of levels without dying. Luckily the sound of the awesome soundtrack will drown out most of your swearing!

2. Titan Souls

Titan Souls PS4 2-min

If you’re positively a gaming wizard, then you may whizz through getting all the trophies for Titan Souls without much difficulty… but it’s highly unlikely. An indie adventure with the simple premise of travelling the map and taking down all of the “titans”, Titan Souls is a game only for those with serious amounts of patience. Most titans only take one hit to kill – but so do you. And believe me, you’ll spend more time looking at your pixellated dead body than much else in this game.

The majority of the trophy list is made up of laughably difficult trophies. “Aerodynamics”, for instance, requires you to beat the game in under 20 minutes. To get “Iron Human” you need to play the game in Iron Mode, which means that if you die, you start right back at the beginning of the game. There’s also a hard mode which gives the bosses extra attack patterns and faster speed – and a trophy that requires both hard AND iron modes activated. It’s safe to say that Titan Souls bears one of the hardest PS4 platinums, and only the bravest gamer should attempt to undertake it.


1. The Elder Scrolls Online

Top 10 Hardest PS4 Platinums

The fact that The Elder Scrolls Online is a MMO should give it away – the game really is massive. And massive games usually mean only one thing: hard and time-consuming trophy lists. In fact, a poll on PlayStation Trophies estimates it’ll take well over 100 hours to platinum this bad boy.

The majority of the trophies aren’t particularly difficult – they’re just time-consuming, involving completing all the quests in particular areas, and discovering areas of the map. However, there’s one trophy in the list that has caused quite an outcry and means that for the majority of The Elder Scrolls Online players the platinum will forever remain nothing but a pipe dream: the “Emperor!” trophy requires you to get to number 1 on the PvP leaderboards. Bad, bad Bethesda.

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