Top 10 Video Game Novels

Video games are such a massive medium today that their reach spans far beyond the confines of your games console. More and more movies based on games are getting made – and books and novels based on video games are now more popular than ever.

This top 10 details my personal favourite video game novels. Although a Top 10 list is usually ordered from worst to best as the list goes on, the vastness of genres and styles these novels covers means that its ordering is entirely subjective based on my personal preferences. So it would be wiser to make an exception for this list, and not view it as a “Top 10” list of video game novels, but view it as “10 Video Game Novels”, just ordered/rated by my personal tastes.

I’ve included many different kinds of stories here, that span across more than one major game franchise, so everyone should find something they enjoy here.

10. Ico: Castle In The Mist

Ico Castle in the Mist

Ico: Castle in the Mist is a very atmospheric book that covers the events of Ico with a lot more of the context surrounding it. Whilst it might be a tad slow-paced for some, and having to translate a light-puzzle platformer into novel form might seem like a strange task to accomplish, the book did a great job. For those wanting a fantasy adventure story that takes its time to build atmosphere and fleshes out texture, this is one for you.

9. Halo: Contact Harvest

Halo Contact Harvest

Telling the story from both the perspective of the covenant and of Sgt. Johnson, Contact Harvest is the story of humanity’s first encounter/contact with the alien covenant forces. This sets up the whole foundation for the war between the two forces, and paves the way for what will become the Halo universe.