For Honor will use P2P networking; no dedicated servers

Over the weekend, some closed alpha footage of Ubisoft’s upcoming For Honor was leaked. The footage, which can be seen on Vidme, shows some worrying signs including long wait-times in matchmaking, disconnects and the use of peer-to-peer networking. Ubisoft has responded.

The use of P2P networking over dedicated servers is an odd one – especially considering For Honor being a mainline multiplayer experience. In P2P, players, instead of connecting to a server hosted by Ubisoft, connect to a randomly chosen host within the match. If the host or players have a poor connection, it can often mean problems all round.

The footage does of course come from a closed alpha of the game – which took place last week – and Ubisoft promise things are still in-development and being improved. The use of P2P networking was confirmed when PCGamesN contacted Ubisoft: “the way we designed our peer-to-peer online architecture will allow us to provide a smooth and reliable online experience to all players when the game launches.”


Admittedly, this is true. If For Honor is as successful as Ubisoft hopes it to be, it will further ensure entire servers don’t go down on release due to a massive influx of players – à la Grand Theft Auto Online or Battlefield 4. It is worrying however, as even the smallest amount of lag could cause major problems within For Honor’s very systematic and specific battle-system.

This comes only a week after a small kerfuffle with For Honor’s single-player being advertised as “offline” after revelations that it would require an internet connection. The issue has since been resolved.

If you want to try out For Honor before it releases you can currently sign-up to a closed beta which is set to take place in January before its February 14 release date.