Mafia 3 Details Story DLC; First Coming Next Month

Mafia 3 certainly had a lot of potential but thanks to lacklustre gameplay seems to have been forgotten rather quickly. Luckily, Hangar 13 have taken criticisms on board and are placing a focus on “compelling narratives” while introducing new gameplay mechanics in their upcoming DLC.

Mafia 3 will have three story DLCs spread throughout 2017, with the first arriving in late March. ‘Faster, Baby!’ takes players to a whole new section of New Bordeaux never seen before to take down a corrupt sheriff terrorising Civil Rights activists. It promises “fast cars, dramatic chases and epic stunt driving” along with a new “power-crazy antagonist” and strong female lead, Roxy Laveau.

May’s ‘Stones Unturned’ sees Lincoln team back up with CIA agent John Donovan to settle a feud with a rival that began during his time in Vietnam.


While the final DLC, ‘Sign of the Times’, is set to release in July and will focus on the mystery of a series of ritualistic killings.

All DLCs are included in the season pass and will be free to download for holders when released. Hangar 13 also point out that this is a “targeted schedule” and some release dates may change.

Well, they certainly sound interesting and, if anything, hopefully a shorter and more focused and concise experience will be exactly what Mafia 3 needs – or, needed?