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5 Mistakes That New Overwatch Players Often Make

3. Not Utilising Ana’s Abilities

Much like Lucio’s gun, support hero Ana’s gun can be a little tricky to master. What most players don’t know is that Ana’s gun actually heals teammates — so in this case you do want to shoot the crap out of them. That being said, her sniper rifle still does damage to enemies if she hits them so she’s unlike Lucio in that sense. Basically shoot anyone and everyone and you’ll be doing well.

Ana also has another ability that newcomers seem to have a hard time mastering. She has a biotic grenade which, when thrown, will heal any teammates and damage any enemies in the area. What many newbies don’t know is that her biotic grenade also keeps enemies from being able to heal themselves. This makes it very valuable against players that have self healing such as Bastion, Roadhog, and Mei.

4. Ignoring the Payload

This newcomer mistake is a bit controversial because even seasoned Overwatch players still do this. On maps like Dorado, Hollywood and King’s Row, players on the attacking team must escort a payload to the end of the map to win. The problem is, there must be at least one person close to the payload for it to move and, more often than not, the payload is left sad and alone.

Many newbies don’t seem to understand the concept of staying with the payload to get it to move but it probably isn’t their fault seeing as I, even after hundreds of hours of Overwatch, tend to do the same thing. In the heat of battle I usually end up chasing after a rogue Tracer or Sombra and completely forget about the payload. My advice? Do as I say, not as I do.

5. Getting Lost on Maps

This is my favourite mistake on the list because of how much I relate to it. When I first started playing Overwatch only two months after its initial release, there were already quite a few maps to play. It took me weeks to finally figure out all the twists and turns you can take on each map to get to the right place. Then, Blizzard started adding new maps to the game such as Oasis and then eventually Horizon Lunar Colony and Junkertown. When you’re thrown right into the fight with no time whatsoever to explore, it’s incredibly easy to get lost.

I have fond memories of running around maps trying to find my friend and bring her back to the fight because she got lost in the depths of Eichenwalde. Blizzard has a way of making the maps really confusing, which also makes it so that you can find fun easter eggs, so if you’re an Overwatch newbie, I wouldn’t feel bad about getting lost. I still do sometimes.

So those are just a few mistakes I’ve noticed people make when they first start out in Overwatch. It’s a learning process so no one will blame you for having some problems when you’re first starting. Well, that’s not true, people will probably berate you – alas, that’s just the joy of online games. Don’t get discouraged. You’ll be flying around on the map yelling at newbs to get on the payload in no time.

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