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8 Things We’d Like to See in Grand Theft Auto 6

Is Rockstar working on Grand Theft Auto 6? Of course it is.

Given Grand Theft Auto 5’s overwhelmingly positive reception, it’s inconceivable that Rockstar, creator of the game, isn’t at least laying the groundwork for a follow-up. It’s been suggested that, thanks to Grand Theft Auto Online’s ongoing profitability, any sequel would feature a far greater focus on multiplayer and may even lack a single-player mode.

We, however, are happy to dismiss that as stuff and nonsense and instead fantasise about the features we’d like to see in Grand Theft Auto 6. Features like:

Multiple cities

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’s sheer size was astonishing. The game boasted a total of three cities (one of which was Grand Theft Auto 5’s Los Santos), each connected by stretches of countryside. You could drive, fly or even walk between the cities, though it took upwards of an hour and a half to traverse the map on foot. We’d like to see Grand Theft Auto 6 take a leaf out of San Andreas’s book and sport two or more fully-featured cities.

Mod support

There is a ridiculous number of user-created add-ons available for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5. You can roam around the city as the Incredible Hulk, defend yourself from waves of deranged pedestrians or even subject the city to a massive tsunami. The former would clearly present some copyright problems but we’d be over the moon if the console versions of Grand Theft Auto 6 supported mods. Just don’t mention “Hot Coffee”.

More building interiors

Grand Theft Auto 5’s Los Santos is, when you’re driving along, lovely to look at. But when you’re on foot you start to notice the cracks such as the way that most shops are mere decoration. We’d like to see Rockstar go the extra mile to further the illusion by letting players explore a wider range of building interiors. We wouldn’t expect to be able to wander into people’s homes, but seeing a shop or a mall and being able to set foot inside would do wonders for Grand Theft Auto 6’s sense of immersion.

Virtual reality support

Grand Theft Auto 6 seems like an obvious candidate for VR support, both on PC and on PlayStation 4. Imagine being able to belt through Grand Theft Auto 6’s streets in VR, glancing behind you to check whether the cops are on your tail. Or peering out from behind a corner, returning fire as a bullet whizzes past your ear. That said, Grand Theft Auto 5’s first person perspective can be disorienting when you’re rolling or climbing over obstacles so Rockstar would have to be careful when implementing this feature. Otherwise you could end up with a visor full of vomit.

A return to the absurd

With the Saints Row series on hiatus (though given Agents of Mayhem’s poor performance we wouldn’t rule out a return) it’s surely time for Grand Theft Auto take up the slack. We’d like to see Grand Theft Auto 6 return to its roots and dial the absurdity up to 11. We’re talking ludicrously powerful weapons, deranged side-missions, massively improbable vehicles and more. If GTA 6 doesn’t feature a mission where you take on an army of Elvis impersonators with a giant flamethrower, we’ll be sorely disappointed.

Improved pedestrian behaviour

For the most part, Grand Theft Auto 5’s pedestrians just mill around, occasionally engaging in conversations which make little or no sense. We’d like to see Rockstar make them more than mere bumper fodder, and being able to engage in conversations with pedestrians would go some way to accomplishing this. But we’d really like Grand Theft Auto 6 to feature some sort of “The Sims” style system whereby they had their own routines and places to be. It might also make players less blasé about gunning them down.

Split-screen multiplayer

Fewer and fewer games offer split-screen multiplayer these days but if ever there’s a game that would benefit from being able to share your shenanigans, it’s Grand Theft Auto. We’d kill (figuratively) to be able to co-operate or compete with someone in the same room, lambasting them for accidentally driving us off a bridge while we were trying to evade the police.

A female protagonist

The Grand Theft Auto series has, to date, lacked a female lead character. We’d love to see Rockstar temper this digital sausage fest by putting a woman in the driving seat, which could significantly alter the series’ dynamic. At least it would until you ride roughshod over her characterisation and motivations, as GTA players often do, by making her run around shooting pedestrians in the face.

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