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Electric Sleep is a Captivating Interactive Adventure

What would you do if the actions of someone else were at your fingertips?

Okay you’re right, that’s pretty much how every video game ever works. My point is, it’s fun to be able to control where a story goes and how your characters respond to certain situations. Electric Sleep is a pixel art interactive adventure where you control a robot in a crumbling world.

Electric Sleep is from developers Vlad “Cryru” Abadzhiev, Matthew Weekes, Jack Sanderson-Thwaite, and Michael Becze. Together, this team has created a lovely adventure that takes place over a few different landscapes. In the beginning, you wake up in a lab unsure of how you came to be there. You’re able to leave the lab and, guided by the game’s script, you choose which path you’d like to take. Do you want to take the safe looking paved road, or the broken-up path off the beaten track? Each decision changes the story and leads to a specific ending.

Eventually, you’ll wake up back in the lab, able to start your journey again, taking different paths and different adventures along the way. Some things will be the same no matter what choices you make, but there’s also a tonne of differences you’ll discover. Electric Sleep features 11 different perspectives and 44 endings, so you’d be wise to play through it multiple times to see just how many ways the story can end.

Electric Sleep is available on Steam right now for £3.99/$4.99. The soundtrack is also available for separate purchase of £2.09/$2.99.

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