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Thomas the Tank Engine in Starfield

This Starfield Mod is a Horrifying Steam-Powered Nightmare

There’s no shortage of Starfield mods but there’s one in particularly that’s set to turn space travel into a mind-warping nightmare. No, Randy Savage hasn’t made into the game, we’re still waiting on Macho Man Terrormorphs. But one enterprising individual has created a mod that turns Starfield starships into a colossal Thomas the Tank Engine.

There’s a long tradition of modding this children’s character into video games. He’s turned up in Resident Evil 2, Skyrim, Armored Core 6 and more. He’s already turned in Starfield as a mod for Vasco. But this is something else entirely.

As spotted by Eurogamer, this mod by ‘Trainwiz’ replaces every starship in Starfield with Thomas the Tank Engine. Every starship. So you’re not just flying around space in Thomas, every other vessel you encounter is also him.

So if you’re within walking distance of a landing pad you could see Thomas just descent from the heavens. Head into space and you’ll encounter multiple Thomases, roaming the cosmos.

And if that wasn’t disturbing enough, Trainwiz’s mod description begins with “For his crimes against God and his invention of murder, Thomas was smote, thusly..”

If you’re up to it, and you have the game on PC, you can download the Really Useful Starfield mod here. Just don’t expect to have a good nights sleep. Ever.

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