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"Cynical", "sarcastic" and "irritable" are just some of the words that have been used to describe Diggy B, the other words usually being four letters long and incredibly rude. He can normally be found with a controller in his hands and strives to provide acerbic rants on all things gaming, from Gears of War to Candy Crush.
I Am Bread - 05-min

I Am Bread Review

You may knead to sit down for this, bake a seat. Are you bready? Because I Am Bread is self-raising the bar for comedy...

Make Up The Numbers: The Problem With Review Scores

The vast majority of reviews (not just for video games but also for films, books and albums), include some kind of numerical score. Whether...
zombie games

Everybody Should Just Get Over Zombies Already

Films, games, books, TV, clothing ranges, public events, themed cruises and theme parks; just like if the dead truly were to rise, there's just...

Party Hard – A Preview

You know how it is – you work all night, and when you work you don't feel all right. And when things stop feeling...
Skyrim PC Xbox PS3 screenshot

The Importance of Pacing in Games

While AAA developers treat their audience like they have the attention span of a sugar-fuelled toddler, it's the developers that know the meaning and value...

The Downside of Open World Games

As open world games continue to increase in popularity, it seems to be turning into the default format for big-budget AAA releases. The developers...

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