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(Another) Top 10 Easy PS4 Platinums

4. The Order: 1886

easy ps4 platinum

With a short game length of around six hours, it’s natural that The Order: 1886 would be a fairly easy platinum to obtain.

Playing as Grayson Galahad, a respected member of The Order, descendants of the medieval Knights of the Round Table, you’re on a mission to clear Victorian London of the monstrous presence that’s threatening humankind: the lycans. There’s only 22 trophies altogether, and you’ll obtain a lot of them naturally whilst playing. The bulk of the trophies are gained through killing enemies in certain ways and by using all available weapons. There are also some collectibles to find along the way, most of which are in plain sight. Once you’ve completed the game you can use chapter select to find missing collectibles, making it very quick and easy to mop up any missing trophies to get that platinum.

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3. Until Dawn

Until Dawn 2-min

Perhaps one of the best PlayStation exclusives currently available, Until Dawn is a story-driven interactive horror where you take control of a group of teens, staying in a secluded log cabin for a weekend of debauchery. It sounds fairly cliché, right? Until Dawn is anything but, thanks to the twists and turns it takes along the way.

Being an “interactive story”, there are many choices you can make during your playthrough which alter the course of the game. To get all the trophies, you’ll need to play in a certain way, and revisit chapters to choose different options to get varying outcomes. If you save all the characters in your first playthrough, you’ll be able to use the chapter select feature to jump to the relevant sections to get missing trophies.

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