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Tales from the Borderlands GOTY

(Another) Top 10 Easy PS4 Platinums

2. Life is Strange: Season 1

Life is Strange Episode 4 4-min

Spread over five episodes, Life is Strange is a supernatural adventure with a level of realism not often seen in video games. You play as Max Caulfield, a high school girl dealing with friends, family and typical teenage angst whilst also coming to terms with her newly-acquired supernatural skill: the ability to rewind and travel through time. It’s a skill I’m sure we’d all wish we had as teenagers, but along with all kinds of weird stuff going down in her hometown of Arcadia Bay, it’s not quite as awesome as it sounds for Max.

The majority of trophies in Life is Strange are obtained by taking optional photos with Max’s polaroid camera. Your in-game journal gives you some clues in the form of rough sketches of each of the photos, and you’ll likely encounter a lot of them through the natural course of playing, but some are fairly obtuse and hard to spot. If you keep a check on a guide to make sure you don’t miss any, you can bag a platinum trophy in the 12-15 hours it’ll take to complete the game.

Life is Strange is available digitally via PSN. You can find our reviews for each episode here.

1. Tales from the Borderlands: Season 1

Tales from the Borderlands GOTY

Taking the loud characters and world of Borderlands – popular for its loot, gunplay and co-op action – and handing it to TellTale to create a narrative driven adventure game seemed like a strange choice, but now the finale has been released, it’s safe to say that it was a great one.

Like most of TellTale games’ output, Tales from the Borderlands: Season 1 has a platinum trophy that you can obtain without even trying. All you’ve got to do to get the platinum in this highly humorous adventure is to play through all five episodes. All trophies are story related, so don’t worry about any decisions you make as they will not affect your trophy progress whatsoever. Eventually, the platinum will be yours in just over 10 hours, and as it’s such a great game it’s a win-win situation really.

Tales from the Borderlands is available digitally via PSN.

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