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7 Ways in Which the Xbox One is Better Than PS4

3. Elite Controller

In our opinion, with its impulse triggers, solid build quality and pleasing ergonomics, the Xbox One’s standard controller is a cut above the PS4’s Dualshock 4. We can understand why some would beg to differ though.

When it comes to the Xbox One’s Elite Controller however, PS4 players have no rebuke. The Xbox One Elite Controller is simply sublime, boasting a yet more impressive build quality and a host of customisation options to improve your gaming experience. Costing around £100, the worst thing about the Elite Controller is that once you’ve used one it’s hard to go back to a standard controller.

4. External Hard Drive Support

If you buy and play a lot of games, then storage will have no doubt been an issue. It’s not even as if you can just plan to buy physical games these days to cut down on the amount of space you need – they all need to be installed and most come with ridiculous patches too. Some players may be content with deleting games after they think they are done with them, but sooner or later they’re still going to find themselves struggling.

On Xbox One the issue is alleviated by the fact you can connect up any USB3 compatible external hard drive to expand your storage options – you can even move the same hard drive between multiple machines to access the content that’s on it. PS4 owners on the other hand can only switch out the internal hard drive if they want to gain some space, and, to put it bluntly, the backup and restore function is crap.

5. Cloud Saves

Managing saves isn’t really a problem unless you’ve got more than one console, but there’s no doubt about it that saves on Xbox One are handled better. Whilst the PS4 can automatically upload and download games saves as long as you’ve got it set as your primary console, on Xbox One the process is seamless across any console you’re signed into.

I can play Forza Horizon 3 in the living room, move the action to the office, then go and show off the game at a friend’s house and my progress will always be current as the Xbox is constantly sending my game save data to the cloud. It makes for an easier life for gamers on the move, as well as providing reassurance should their consoles fail.

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