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7 Ways in Which the Xbox One is Better Than PS4

6. Game License Management

So imagine that you’ve bought a physical copy of DOOM. You install the 50gb of data from the disc and then you’re also forced to download a 30gb patch to get it up to date. Six months from now, Bethesda are really kind and do a deal with Sony and Microsoft to make it a PS Plus and Games with Gold offering. PS4 owners, for some reason, would have to re-download the entire 80gb of data if they wanted to make use of the free digital license. Xbox One owners, however, can simply start the game using the data already installed on their hard drives. That’s a win in my book.

7. Xbox One S has a 4K Blu-Ray Drive

If you’ve bought one of them fancy 4K TVs, you’ll probably be wanting to watch some Ultra HD films on it as well as playing games. Sony’s PS4 Pro is good for the job and packs in some more power to make your games look a bit nicer, but you’re limited to simply streaming Ultra HD movies.

The Xbox One S, however, comes in around £100 cheaper while boasting an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive, meaning you can buy Ultra HD Blu-rays from any retailer and play them in all their glory without having to worry about your internet connection. It’s actually one of the cheapest Ultra HD Blu-ray players on the market.

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