GameSpew’s Top 10 Indie Games of 2017

Steamworld Dig 2

Available on PC, PS4, Switch and PS Vita
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From Swedish developer Image & Form, 2013’s Steamworld Dig was a marvellous example of an indie game. It wasn’t perfect, but its innovative combination of spelunking and platforming made it an absolute joy to play. It had just the right amount of exploration, adventure and challenge to keep you hooked throughout its 5-6 hour playtime, leaving you wanting more once it had finished.

Thankfully, we did get more. Eventually. 2017 saw the release of Steamworld Dig 2 on PC, Nintendo Switch and PS4. It was definitely worth the wait. With a setting and gameplay familiar to its predecessor, it has been refined in almost every way, offering a deeper, richer and longer experience – one that takes you through more environments, pits you against more enemies, and offers you more challenge and adventure.


Ruiner Body 3

Available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One
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If stylish, isometric twin-stick shooting is your thing, which it should be, then Ruiner is a title that you simply must experience. Full of fast-paced, ultra-violent action, it simply blew us away when it was released earlier this year, and still has us thinking fondly about it now.

In Ruiner you’re dropped into a dark, futuristic world in which you’re searching for your brother. Armed with a varied arsenal of abilities and both melee and ranged weapons, you’ll have to take out a large contingent of Rengkok’s criminality before you get to the bottom of the whole shady affair, but it’s all just so much fun that you’ll revel in doing so. And the soundtrack; damn, it’s good. Honestly, if you’ve not yet played Ruiner at least go and watch a trailer for it or something. You’ll probably find yourself buying it shortly after.